Special forces soldiers have been deployed on to Britain’s streets to monitor stations, shopping centres and key public places amid fears the UK could be the next target for an Islamic State terror outrage, according to the Telegraph.

Personnel from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment are backing up undercover armed police officers to protect the UK in the wake of the Paris massacre.

The Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) is a relatively recently formed special forces unit of the British Army, specialising in surveillance and intelligence gathering operations. The secrecy surrounding the SRR is even greater than the SAS or SBS, with very little info about the unit leaking into the public domain.

Extra police and security services are reportedly patrolling social hubs in London, Glasgow, Birmingham and many UK cities tonight.

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David L Thomas

Could be done on any street – although the 4 major cities Glasgow, Manchester, London, Birmingham likely targets. Also to keep and increase the police and army nos in the UK – no cuts now.

Paul Byrne

Colin Eveson Andrew Eveson

Mark Budwieser

Aboot fecking Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blu Crewd

This is totally untrue and false news!!!!

UK Defence Journal

Is it? Really?

Blu Crewd

If you know something then prove it with facts. Where have you got your information from? The UK government? You know as well as I do that the MoD do not comment on special forces operations.

Ian Lawrence Moody

Yes myself living in the North of UK an attack is possible where and when are the questions good luck to the hard working security forces repsect


They should close the border too,

Anton Dammvik

if they are heavily armed they probably have bullet proof vest for 9mm too yet they give the police only 9mm guns. shouldnt they get military issued guns?

Pete Thompson

There are no likely targets. Think of Warrington. Was that likely to be bombed. Nope but it happened. Stay vigilant people, but not paranoid

Ha ha ha let them bleed…hopefully not the innocent civilian they should have targeted the leaders..thats the side effect of the medicine you have given to iraq, libya, syria and many other countries you help oust, topple direct or indirect support….so sad it is always the innocent civilian being the victim not the stupid politicians and their immediate families


This is just a smoke screen to make people feel safer. The reality is this type of attack could happen anywhere at anytime, and unless they put armed soldiers on every street of the country, there is not a lot that can be done to stop it.


I agree that “this is just a smoke screen to make people feel safer” but am not so sure about “unless they put armed soldiers on every street of the country, there is not a lot that can be done to stop it”. The savagery of the terrorists and the loss of innocent life in Paris is shocking but it is also a reminder of what a good job our security services are doing in the UK. Do we really think that the UK is any less of a target for ISIS-inspired terrorists than France is? GCHQ/MI5/MI6/etc won’t be able… Read more »