NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told the Munich Security Conference last week that the organisation is adapting to ensure it continues its success against new threats and challenges.

But even as the alliance transitions, there are some pillars that remain undisturbed and the largest of those is the transatlantic partnership, Stoltenberg said.

He noted the symbolism of two items in front of the new NATO headquarters building in Brussels: a piece of the Berlin Wall and a twisted girder from New York’s World Trade Center.

“Together they symbolise NATO’s steel-hard commitment to our collective defence and our solidarity in the fight against terrorism,” he said. “But most of all, they symbolise the unbreakable bond that unites the continents of North America and Europe.”

The transatlantic partnership is being questioned, Stoltenberg said, with those in Europe perceiving a lack of US support for Article 5, and US officials perceiving unfair burden-sharing.

“All of this has fuelled an impression of weakening transatlantic bond,” he said. “But the reality is that the bond has proven to be resilient, because both Europe and North America benefit from the bond. What we see now is North Americans coming back to Europe, just as Europeans are stepping up their contributions to our shared security.”

Russia’s incursion into Georgia and its annexation of Crimea rang alarm bells on the continent, the secretary general said. In response, the United States increased the number of troops based in Europe. There are brigades deploying into and out of the Baltic republics and Poland. American and British ships patrol the Black Sea and US and UK aircraft aid in the Baltic air policing mission.

“This week, Washington rolled out a plan for further substantial increases in US presence in Europe, [with] billions for equipment, prepositioned supplies, training and infrastructure,” Stoltenberg said.

“Canadian troops have also returned to Europe for the first time in a generation, leading a multinational battlegroup in Latvia.”


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US, UK and Canada stepping up again…… what has changed ?

Tim B

Anglophone nations always do there part. Anywhere in the world, when there is trouble, they come to the US, UK, Canada, Australia and even New Zealand for help.

Mike Saul

Thankfully there has been no weakening of the transatlantic bond between the UK and USA, in future I hope this bond is strengthened whilst our bond with the EU will weaken if they fail to commit to their to the 2% GDP spending on defence.

It’s really up to them to decide, no more free riders in NATO.

Daniele Mandelli

Agree. But I fear as soon as the Cultural Marxists of the opposition get in the relationship with Washington will be one if the first things hit.

Their ideology precludes it.

It is only an “if ” I know but a scary possibility still.


It’s a when Dan. And I hope they do, I want a fairer society and to release the grip of corporations and fat cats on the everyday man.
However, this is an area that worries me slightly. I hope Corbyn will understand the requirement for a strong defence, alongside his pacifist philosophy of only using it for just causes. I don’t believe much will change, he will just be more selective on when to use force. I hope …


Corbyn’s left wingers scares me. Corporations have killed hundreds of thousands. Socialist states: hundreds of millions. Corbyn and his wider team, feel very much like ideologues who would sacrifice people to elevate an ideology. They always start of so unassuming, promising justice, hope and peace but their justice turns in to oppression, their hope becomes fear and peace comes with conformity. At the end of the day, it is always the messy human factor which gets in the way of one system or another. And devotees of the system are always more inclined to try and fix this messy humanity… Read more »

Tim sinnett

Wow, can I have some of you are smoking?

andy reeves

don’t worry about corbyn he’ll just send any belligerant a stern letter.still, we don’t have to worry about russia, i can imagine the sight of comrade corbyn walking down the mall hand in hand. shut the russian embassy and give all russian diplomats 48 hours to leave the country and put a complete embargo on any u.k trade/business with russia, put an emergency motion to the u.n to increase sanctions on russia in line with those imposed on north korea.

andy reeves

comrade corbyn is one of the biggest threats to the u.k

Bill Kenny

Danielle if it were only Cultural Marxism that would be bad enough. However there is no indication that Corbyn and his acolytes are offering nothing less than the full fat version, with all the attendant pain and misery that accompanies such views.

David Steeper

Is it a plane ? Is it a bird ? Is it a pig flying ? Yes it’s another speech about how the EU states are going to stop the political posing BS and actually start defending themselves.

andy reeves

its okay we’ll have the mighty estonians to look after us.