Military personnel from the 12th and 16th Royal Artillery regiment arrived at the Royal Sussex County Hospital where they will be working as hospital porters.

More than 100 porters work at the hospital and play an important role in the smooth running of all services.

From moving patients, managing waste, delivering pharmacy products and ensuring departments have the vital equipment they need to care for patients in the hospital.

Terece Walters, Clinical Director of Facilities and Engineering, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome the British Army at the County hospital. Porters provide a crucial service to every aspect of the hospital. The military support will be invaluable to our teams who play an important role in keeping the hospital running.”

Additionally, Regular Army Qualified nurses have been based at the Royal Sussex County Hospital since last year in order to gain specialist skills alongside their military roles.

The Military Nurses who are studying at the University of Brighton for specialist courses have been working in the emergency and critical care departments at the County since the start of the pandemic.

Hospitals around the country are facing a staffing crisis with many thousands on sick leave due to COVID-19.

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Well done R Sigs.

Barry Larking

We are fortunate as a country we have such top class people in our military we can rely upon.


The military have been placed in hospitals around sussex for well over a decade.

John Clark

In normal times Jonathan, it’s mutually beneficial, but the symbiotic relationship between the two really pays off in times of national emergency.


Very true John, although one of the big reasons we had military personal embedded in our teams was because they closed the military hospitals, which I think was a mistake to be honest.

Clive Scott

My son has who is an Army Medical Technician, has been deployed to an Intensive Care Unit .He has said that it is very sobering when you see how many people are so ill with the Covid virus.