Typhoon Fighters from 3 (Fighter) Squadron Royal Air Force have arrived in Estonia to conduct a training exercise.

The Typhoon Jets have arrived to conduct Air Land integration training with the British Army Battlegroup currently deployed in Estonia as part of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Operation as recently announced by Sir Michael Fallon MP the Defence Secretary.

After first meeting the pilots and ground crew Minster for Armed Forces Mark Lancaster said:

“The UK is stepping up its commitment to NATO including here in the Baltic States.  The NATO presence on land, sea and in the air is vital to secure peace and prosperity. 

We are here standing shoulder to shoulder with our allies in the face of any potential threats, thereby demonstrating our continuing commitment to the security of Europe.”

Squadron Leader Paul Hanson one of the pilots said:

“This deployment proves our ability to move fast jets from NATO’s south eastern flank to the Baltic region in a matter of hours, demonstrating the flexibility of air power to reassure our allies at short notice when required to do so.”

He explained the training mission was to conduct Air Land integration activities with the British army and today they would be providing air support to some of ground forces during their land based exercises.

According to a press release, this would be by using the Litening pod the jets are fitted with the pilots would be able to provide overwatch for the forces on the ground.

Recently, the Typhoon aircraft departed Romania ending the UK’s five-month leadership of NATO’s enhanced air policing mission in the country.

Since April the Typhoons from 3(F) Squadron, RAF Coningsby had spent alternate weeks on high-readiness standby to defend NATO’s airspace over the Black Sea, augmenting the Romanian Air Force’s existing air defence capability.

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