Israeli Chief of General Staff Aviv Kohavi virtually met with Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter and signed a joint agreement to “formalise and enhance” military co-operation between the UK and Israel.

Most of the agreement is highly classified but the cooperation will include defence medical training, organisational design concepts and defence education.

In October it was reported that the British had been given access to Israel’s Rhino mobile headquarters, designed by Elbit Systems. The British Army said the system helps to “reduce the size of the headquarters, makes it less vulnerable and able to make and communicate decisions faster”.

UK-Israel think tank BICOM said here:

“Military cooperation has been growing over the last decade with the relationship viewed as mutually beneficial.”

It is understood that post coronavirus, both militaries hope to be able to return to a schedule of regular visits and meetings.

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Barry Larking

Welcome news. Another screw tightened on the Mad Mullahs of Tehran.

Paul T

It probably has More Relevance to the Modern Day Sultan in Ankara.


I tend to agree I think this is for once wisely looking ahead to a deeply worrying future where close cooperations will become vital and sitting on fences less of a viable option whatever our queasiness about alignments. I can see objections on this one mind from the usual subjects.


Yeah, it’s hard to track Middle Eastern politics. It’s crazy that Saudi, Egypt and UAE are forming closer ties with Israel to counter perceived threats from Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq. With the US less interested politically in the region it makes you wonder if they took a more hands off approach would stability actually improve out of necessity or would another war kick off.

john melling

With so many religious and tribal differences I think wars will continue with out any western intervention
I don’t think the west stepping back would change much and the regional fractures will continue to fester!


Hard to assess the implication of this, all I can see from the information given is perhaps this will help the acquisition of military hardware on both sides. I sincerely hope it does not fortale us having any sort of increased involvement in any sort of Israeli military geopolitics. From what I’ve researched of Israel they are firmly entrenched in their own interests, which I understand, but part of that is them being friendly with Russia and I would imagine in the same vein, China.


Yes this will have strict limitations I’m sure but in certain technological and of course intelligence they can offer expertise and material assets that are difficult to match or obtain elsewhere or where post Brexit it will be wise to open ones options.


Probably mainly intel sharing stuff.

Gavin Gordon

Recommend book by Anthony R Wells: Between Five Eyes. Page 186 includes:-
‘(Israel’s) motive is very simply economic wellbeing, that is not unreasonable, except that it involves in essence taking Five Eyes technology, reproducing it, and then selling on the international markets.’
Reminiscent of the French? 😐

Andy P

They have also been pretty active in ‘physical’ warfare for a number of years and through necessity been quite inventive. They’ve collaborated with a number or countries and built up a decent defence industry.

You’d think that they are less wasteful in procurement etc than the UK so we might be able to pick up a few pointers there too.


Good….maybe get MI5 to do an exchange visit with Mossad and get some useful tips in taking out the garbage.

Daniele Mandelli

They don’t take prisoners do they.

We tried that with the FRU and it didn’t go too well!

Reaper has proved useful mind.

Craig Smith

If you ignore the Israeli treatment of Palestinians when making this agreement then its a bit hard to criticise the Chinese for their treatment of the Uighars.


Uh? like if you care about Palestinians. Who build and helped reinforce a reward system that says this: A- if Israel have civilian victims Israel government is failing to protect them. B- if Palestinians have civilian victims the Palestinian political system wins. Note this rewards system wasn’t build by Palestinians but by those that say to defend them. Worse. An host of bunkers, radar warnings, anti rocket systems protects not only Israel but Palestinians because retaliation is not as necessary or strong. Now lets say Israel would let their civilians die instead. Well they would get much more political free… Read more »


I do and I think a lot of people in the UK genuinely do but I care a lot more about international law and not rewarding a military occupation that tries to justify a land grab based on historic rights which is exactly what China is trying to do in 20 different places at once.


Uighars, Tibet etc have a ideology to destroy China? The Military Occupation of Berlin lasted until when ? tell me if it would have ended with a German population still strong on Nazi regime? Next: is Kosovo under military occupation? do you hold every military change in frontiers in last 100 years illegal? If not why not? Second there will not be Palestinians if Israel did not existed. If Palestinians were under Egypt or Jordanian thumb you would care nothing, like you don’t care for Zoroastrians or Bahi’a and many other Middle East people. They would not appear on the… Read more »


I agree given the current Israel government and its position on building in West Bank Outside of 1967 boarders I don’t think we should be supporting them. Let’s also be perfectly honest that Israel is not friend of the UK beyond when our interest are temporarily aligned.

John Stott

Not before time. A block on new Ottoman expansion is always welcome news, and Cyprus gives some depth for Israeli strategic purposes.

John Mills

CFI & LFI control UK politics completely: