Do you want a T-Shirt with the UK Defence Journal logo on it? Neither do we but the profits will go to an armed forces charity chosen by our followers.

You can order by clicking this link.

You can order below too.

As said above, we will donate all the profits to a charity chosen after a poll on our social media accounts.

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Of course for me it comes with the added plus that I could be the owner of the first and only such item in Southern Africa and get the chance to pose wearing same on top of some Mountain in the Drakensberg! Will post pic,naturally with the Union Jack on said summit 🙂


It’s rubbish!! No Harriers or Nimrods on it! Brilliant idea & supporting our veterans. Love it.


should have the names of the regular readers on the back, bit like a tour tee-shirt

Paul T

+1 😊

Daniele Mandelli

We should all get one then when Covid is passed have a UKDJ get together in a pub/restaurant somewhere UK central for UK based contributors. All wearing the T shirt as ID!

Would be fun seeing some faces behind the names!

Geoffrey Roach

Nice one!