Britain is to send an additional 100 troops to South Sudan, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced.

It is understood that up to 400 UK troops will deploy.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced that up to 100 more troops would be sent, following David Cameron’s promise of 300 troops last year.

Michael Fallon said:

“This large-scale deployment underlines how we are stepping up our global commitments. Backed by a rising defence budget, it’s part of our effort to tackle the instability that leads to mass migration and terrorism.

It will help keep Britain safe while improving lives abroad.”

David Cameron signalled last year that UK will deploy personnel to Somalia as part of the UN support for the African Union force that is working to build stability in the country and counter the threat posed by the terrorist group Al-Shabab, who are battling Somalia’s government for control of the country.

British troops will provide training, medical, logistical and engineering support.

A humanitarian crisis has been declared in South Sudan, with 2 million people displaced and over 4 million deemed severely food insecure.

The UK currently has around 280 troops participating in the UN peacekeeping mission in Cyprus.

Speaking ahead of the UN event, the then Prime Minister said:

“Our armed forces have a long history of delivering security and stability to some of the most difficult environments in the world, and I am proud to offer British support and expertise to peacekeeping operations in Somalia and South Sudan.

As the world agrees ambitious goals to end extreme poverty, it is absolutely vital that the international community works together to shore up stability in Africa. And Britain – with our 2% defence budget and 0.7% aid budget – is more than able to play her part.

Our commitment to peacekeeping operations will help to alleviate serious humanitarian and security issues in Somalia and South Sudan, helping to bring stability to the region and preventing these challenges from spreading further afield.”

British troops will reportedly not be involved in combat roles:

“It’s not committing troops to conflict, it’s committing troops to a UN blue-hatted peacekeeping role – as we’ve done many times in the past, as we will do in the future.”

The UK already makes a substantial financial contribution to UN Peacekeeping including approximately £323 million a year as part of the UK contribution to the UN’s $8.5 billion peacekeeping budget.

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Andrew Goodwin
Andrew Goodwin
5 years ago

When did 400 troops, a most two companies, become “a large-scale deployment”?

5 years ago

400 troops is now a “large-scale deployment”?

Jesus wept. No doubt he also reminded everyone of the ever increasing defence budget even though it has decreased every year since the Conservatives took power. That’s despite Pinocchio George busily engaging in “smoke and mirrors” (not my phrase but that of the Houses of Commons Defence committee) movement of non-defence items under the MoD to give the impression of a 2% GDP spend.

Liars and hypocrites the lot of them.

wen malual galam
wen malual galam
5 years ago

South Sudan & Somalia,That is where you fine your military business there? No another country you fine?
you Kawaja,you are confessed Africa really.
Go heads with your business, Is your benefit.