More than 1,300 troops from 3rd (United Kingdom) Division are currently deployed to the United States in order to take part in ‘Exercise Warfighter’.

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Is that Alvis stormers in the picture?

Last edited 13 days ago by dave12

isn’t it 432s?

Daniele Mandelli

Yes, looks like it.




cheers I get that but its the turrets that led me to believe its stormers , is it a 50 cal upgrade?


not a turret – it’s an external basket for stores etc.


ok cheers H I’ll shut up now lol.

Graham Moore

Probably for the cam net etc


…and maybe Bergmann.


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Nigel Collins
Nigel Collins

The French seem to be looking at new kit too.

French company Soframe has released details of its offering for the French Army’s new Véhicule Blindé d’Aide à l’Engagement (VBAE) light reconnaissance and support vehicle requirement.

Steve Ash



Yes methinks bulldog, look different without the bar armour.


Ahh right ,like what AB said look way different without the added armour ,still the turrets threw me.

Steve Ash



The only vehicle I’m seeing with a turret is the Warrior.

Ian M.

Nope, Bulldog (converted 432)


thought 20 armoured moved to Salisbury??

Daniele Mandelli

In the process of, or pretty much completed.
Will be garrisoned around SPTA with the other armoured brigades.

Steve Ash


Nigel Collins

It beginning to look like they may be needed somewhere else?

Russian Ground Troop Units and Iskander ballistic missiles identified at Ukrainian border by Janes

Paul T

Thr Build – up continues, it doesn’t look too good at the moment.

Andrew D

Putin always up to something ,he knows how to be a pain.


Who going to be left, with Army going to America ,the RAF deploying to over seas and the Navy going over seas .

Robert Blay.

That’s what our Armed Force’s do. Deploy overseas.

Graham Moore

Only 1300 soldiers have gone to US for exercise; thats not the whole army!


The sad fact is, and this isn’t directed at those in the armed forces personally, I seriously doubt the British Army (or RAF/RN) has the genuine warfighting mass/equipment to do much even if they were all closer to home.


Is he giving them a “this is the big red triangle “ talk ?

john melling

Bad timing for a high readiness Division to be faffing about in the US, a trip to to the Easter front may provide better training, the way things are looking!

Last edited 13 days ago by john melling
John Clark

Loving the sound of the Easter front John, a bit late, but we might just be able to beat the Russians in the big Easter egg hunt across the old bread basket of the Soviet Union….

john melling

Could not help sliding in a terrible Easter \ Eastern pun

Graham Moore

Not the whole of 3 Div in the US – only 1300 troops – looks like most of a Div HQ & Sig Regt and command elements of 7 Inf Bde. Looks like a cross between a CPX and a FTX – we used to call them CFX, I think.

David Posted the above in a reply to Farouk yesterday. Given the latest Defence review and the reduction in tanks, is anyone else concerned that the French might be seeing things a tad differently to our good selves? Should Brit Boxer a la Latvian IFV and Lithuanian Boxer, fit Spike / atgm in addition to auto cannon? Should something kick off in the Ukraine, memories of Op Bagration should spring to mind – how long did the Sovs take to take Berlin from circa Stalingrad? And should it kick off in Ukraine, Slovakia, sans any armour, good tank country, would… Read more »


A very good time to deploy the only combat division at operational readiness 6000+ miles away from where they could be required to deploy.
Perhaps Exercise War fighter could be carried out in the Ukraine.
A greater test of logistical support.

Graham Moore

Not the whole of 3 Div in the US – only 1300 troops – looks like most of a Div HQ & Sig Regt and command elements of 7 Inf Bde. Looks like a cross between a CPX and a FTX – we used to call them CFX, I think.


Was it not called TEWT’s (Tactical Exercise Without Troops. Saved fortunes on ammo and fuel but gave C&C elements a fair work out.

Stephen Hamblen

It’s funny to read about Carleton Smith as the chief of general staff, I remember him as Brigade Commander of the Air Assault Brigade in Afghan, 2008. The author said then that Carleton Smith was very politically astute as well as a very good CO and that he would go far!! It’s no surprise then that he’s right at the top of the British Army.