The US Army has awarded BAE Systems a contract worth up to $97.9 million to develop a Quick Reaction Capability next-generation missile warning system for aircraft that will protect pilots and crews from new and emerging threats.

Under the Limited Interim Missile Warning System (LIMWS) contract, the company’s 2-Colour Advanced Warning System (2C-AWS) will provide the aircraft with missile warning and hostile fire protection to improve survivability and mission effectiveness in contested environments say the company.

“Army aviators are facing an evolving threat environment that requires advanced detection capabilities,” said Paul Markwardt, vice president and general manager of Survivability, Targeting, and Sensing Solutions at BAE Systems.

“Our system will provide the Army fleet with unmatched protection capability that helps warfighters execute their missions.”

The company developed its 2C-AWS system with Leonardo DRS and proposed the solution in response to the Army’s June solicitation for LIMWS. Leonardo DRS will provide the 2-color infrared sensor as the eyes of the system.

BAE say 2C-AWS provides a foundation for the US Army’s future threat detection needs and is designed to be upgradeable to meet future customer needs. It will work with existing Army aircraft survivability equipment, including aircraft interfaces and countermeasure systems.

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3 years ago

President trump knows that BAE are the best company for developing this kind of technology. Big up president trump