BAE Systems land and armaments business has landed a potential $474.1m contract to provide support services for the U.S. Army.

The contract relates to howitzer systems designed to fire at targets within a range of 20 miles.

The contract includes work to manage the engineering, quality, software and configuration of the military branch’s M109 Family of Vehicles, the Department of Defense said Tuesday.

The company will also provide field service representatives and support depot maintenance, program management and system technical activities.

The Pentagon expects the company to complete its services by January the 21st, 2025.

The newest M109 version for U.S. service is the M109A7, formerly known as the M109A6 Paladin Integrated Management (PIM). The M109A7 shares common components with the Bradley Fighting Vehicle such as the engine, transmission, and tracks. This, say the US Army, creates commonality with other systems and maximises cost-savings in production, parts inventory, and maintenance personnel.

The US Army is looking to increase the capabilities of the M109A7. By introducing the new XM1113 RAP, it can reach 40 km (25 mi) from the current 39-calibre barrel, and a planned barrel extension to 58-calibre can increase its range to 70 km (43 mi). The US Army is also working on an autoloader to increase sustained rate of fire to 6-10 rounds per minute.

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Rob T

I appreciate that the basics of gun design have altered little since WW2, but I am concerned that their appears to be no discussion about replacing the various NATO SPG platforms, given that Russian artillery now over-matches them for range.

Any gun bunnies know if the standard 155mm round is a limiting factor?


I would like to see a 58 or 52 calibre barrel replace the 39 calibre barrel on British AS90.


Interesting item on the defensenews website on how US forces are responding to increased long range precision fires improvements that Russia & China are making.


Why? Isn’t our Depth Fire capability based on GMLRS. I should think the Gunners need a Fire Computation and Target Engagement System that works if they are to Shoot out to 40(+)km


Not necessarily. Work will be done by US subsidiaries/branches of BAE, so will benefit US workers mainly.