A B-1B Lancer bomber flew from the continental United States and integrated with the Japan Air Self Defense Force to conduct bilateral and theatre familiarisation training near Japan , say the U.S. Air Force.

The B-1, flew a 30-hour round-trip sortie from Ellsworth Air Force Base to the Indo-Pacific and teamed up with six U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons, seven JASDF F-2s and eight JASDF F-15s over Draughon Range near Misawa before returning home.

Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., Pacific Air Forces and INDOPACOM Air Component commander, said in a news release:

“This operation showcases our unwavering commitment to the security and stability of the Indo-Pacific region through the employment of strategic forces from around the globe. From confronting invisible threats of a global pandemic to addressing military aggression and coercive activities, we remain a lethal, innovative and interoperable force focused on a shared vision of upholding a free and open lndo-Pacific.

Like the advancements of our Agile Combat Employment concept of operations, we continue to innovate and adapt our approach, to include how we deploy and employ the various weapons systems we integrate with our allies and partners. Bringing the B-1 into theater ensures our bilateral interoperability accounts for any combination of flying operations to prepare for and outpace the rapidly growing threats in the Indo-Pacific region.”

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1 year ago

B1 really is an impressive looking aircraft!

1 year ago

Lord, I’d hate to be in that jumpseat for 30 hours…