Raytheon will integrate the Naval Strike Missile into the US Marine Corps under a $47.6m deal.

The firm say that the deal also supports the 2018 National Defense Strategy and the Commandant of the Marine Corps modernisation efforts.

NSM is a long-range, precision strike missile that can detect and destroy heavily defended land and sea targets at long distances.

In 2018, the US Navy awarded Raytheon a contract to manufacture and deliver NSM as the Navy’s over-the-horizon weapon system for littoral combat ships and future frigates.

The Marine Corps’ selection of the Navy’s anti-ship missile, say the firm, enhances joint interoperability and reduces costs and logistical burdens.

“This fifth-generation missile adds another dimension for sea control operations and for protection from adversary warships,” said Kim Ernzen, vice president of Raytheon Air Warfare Systems.

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It’s crazy how the US Marines runs lots of different equipment from the US Army, like atack helicopters for eg the marines cobra and army Apache one for each! Must cost billions running different gear to one another.


The reasons for different gear mostly come from a different role and the need for the USMC to share space on ship with the Navy. For example the Cobra is much thinner and lighter therefore they can pack more aboard ship. The Osprey and King Stallion are both very long ranged so they are able to keep the LHAs and LHDs offshore. The LAV is much lighter than the Stryker so it doesn’t weigh down the landing craft as much and is better capable of going through deltas and swamps. The list of decisions made on that basis go on.… Read more »


All part of the emerging “Back to the Future” concept of operations for the USMC:




Thanks Elliott, I like learning new things from guys like yourself?


But we made our apaches with folding blades ect so they fit on our ships better. But i get your point, America is a superpower after all.

Thomas Walker

If it’s for the Marines this would suggests it’s the air launched version for the F35 wouldnt it? As far as I know the Marines don’t operate any surface combatants.


There are two variants of the Naval Strike Missile. The original NSM which is only launched from either land or ships and the Joint Strike Missile which is a multi-purpose missile which was developed to fit in the weapons bay of the F35s. The JSM has a redesigned airframe, greater range and a larger warhead. The redesign has allowed it to fit into Mark 41 vertical launch cells and to be launched from 21″ torpedo tubes. The JSM fits the F35A and C bays, but I seen nothing to say to can fit the B’s bay. It has been launched… Read more »

Thomas Walker

All very good points, I had forgotten about the F18’s, which do seem most likely platform for the marines. I’d heard the NSM was too big for the F35 but I’ll definitely have my fingers crossed, it would be great to be able to equipe our own F35′ with it, and it would be a solid replacement for our deck mounted Harpoons as well.

Rob N

Yes better then Harpoon – however I would like to see us buy a supersonic missile – an upgrade and not just something a bit more modern than Harpoon. If memory serves both South Korea and Brazil both market such a missile. Brazil with MANSUP (Míssil Antinavio Nacional de Superfície) and South Korea with Haeseong II. Both are sophisticated Mach 1 plus missiles.

Glass Half Full

I think this announcement is about land vehicle based NSM for the USMC as I’ve linked to in a previous comment, since JSM still seems to be some years away from IOC. Norway and Australia seem to be the funding source for F-35 JSM integration in Block 4 software with internal bay and wing mounted use on F-35A.


They have some F18s also

Glass Half Full

According to Jane’s it is integration onto a land vehicle, so perhaps more akin to the Polish Navy’s coastal defence system that you can see a picture of on the Wikipedia page for NSM.

Mark Wallace

Littoral attack and defence would match USMC philosophy especially as the Norwegians made the NSM/JSM handle complex marine seascapes that lends itself to South China seas and Pacific nicely.

Mike Saul


Naval strike missile hammers frigate.