WATCH: Royal Marines hone their combat skills


The men who protect the nuclear deterrent have spent a fortnight in Germany honing their combat skills on Exercise Deutsche Dagger.

Normally the men of O Squadron, 43 Commando, can be found patrolling the grounds, buildings and jetties of either Faslane Naval Base or nearby Coulport depot – home, respectively, to the UK’s nuclear deterrent submarines and the Trident missiles they carry.

But for two weeks around 60 troops went to the heartland of British Forces Germany and its ranges at Sennelager, just outside Paderborn.

Capt Josh Roughton RM, O’s second-in-command said:

“Deutsche Dagger is an important part of O Squadron’s training year. It allows the Marines to strengthen and develop the skills they employ in their nuclear security duties whilst also refreshing and developing their core ‘green’ soldiering skills in an extensive training area.

With the urban warfare training facility and the live-firing ranges, Sennelager is perfect for our needs.”

43 Commando Fleet Protection Group helps escort vessels in and out of Faslane and are experts in board and search operations in the Caribbean and Middle East.

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Gerald is an experienced senior manager and consultant within the defence sector and an ex-Royal Navy weapons engineering apprentice. His specialism is covering strategic defence issues of a political nature of both national and international relevance.
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Bill Kenny
Bill Kenny
7 years ago

Bootnecks in Sennelager just not right!!!!