Soldiers from 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards have been conducting a training exercise ahead of a six week deployment to California. 

Over 100 soldiers from C Squadron will deploy to America on Exercise Diamondback in September.

The Squadron deployed on the exercise for the first time last year.  It will see them based at the National Training Centre (NTC) in the Mojave Desert.  The Squadron will integrate with 8/1 Cavalry part of 2/2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. The Training exercise on Nescliffe training are saw the soldiers practice vehicle mounted operations on Jackals, foot patrols and key leader engagement with the local community.

The Officer Commanding C Squadron, Major Ben Parkyn said

“on the exercise we will be working with 8/1 Cavalry, the US Brigade’s reconnaissance regiment and our main role will be to find out about the human terrain we are working in.  Part of that is engaging with key leaders to understand the area and to find out about their concerns and divisions in the community and it is that which we have been practising on this exercise.”

Around 40 military vehicles, including Jackals, Coyotes, Panthers and recovery assets, will be shipped out to the NTC ahead of the troops. The Jackal is the Squadron’s primary vehicle, ideal for its reconnaissance role due to its mobility, endurance, speed and manoeuvrability.

Major Parkyn continued “Exercise Diamondback will give us the opportunity to demonstrate the UK Light Cavalry capability. We will be tested on everything from tactics and communications to coordination and understanding of the environment It is a great opportunity for all the young soldiers.” 

The Regiment based at Robertson Barracks, Swanton Morley, recruits from Wales and its borders and is known as the Welsh Cavalry.

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Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli
4 years ago

Just what will these 3 regiments of Light Cavalry do in a peer war situation when the other side has artillery? Surely the Jackal is just a modern version of our world war two pinkies.
The RAC should be just that, armoured, with proper enclosed vehicles well armed.
The Jackal should be used by 16AA, desert recc and UKSF roles.