Since the onset of Russia’s invasion, Britain has provided substantial military assistance to Ukraine, spanning a wide array of equipment and support crucial for its defence against Russian forces.

The contributions include a significant number of armoured vehicles, such as Challenger 2 tanks, FV107 Scimitar Mk IIs, and FV103 Spartans.

Moreover, the UK has supplied advanced air defence systems like Stormer HVMs and Starstreak missiles, essential for countering aerial threats. The provision of multiple rocket launchers, towed and self-propelled artillery, and a variety of drones and radar systems enhances Ukraine’s effectiveness against Russian aggression.

In addition to hardware, Britain has committed extensive logistical support, including logistics vehicles, ambulances, and specialised equipment like mine detectors and combat gear. This aid package also extends to training programmes under Operation Orbital and Operation Interflex, which have equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers with essential combat skills and technical expertise necessary for modern warfare.

Financially, Britain has played a major role by providing billions in export financing, direct financial aid, and World Bank loan guarantees, aiming to strengthen Ukraine’s economic and military resilience amidst ongoing conflict.

This support underscores Britain’s steadfast commitment to Ukraine’s defence and sovereignty in the face of one of Europe’s most significant geopolitical challenges.

Here’s a table showing most of what the UK has given Ukraine. Numbers are omitted where I can’t find them.

CategoryItems Provided
Tanks14 Challenger 2 tanks
Armored Fighting Vehicles23 FV107 Scimitar Mk IIs
47 Combat And Logistics Vehicles
Armored Personnel Carriers35 FV103 Spartans
40 FV104 Samaritans
101 CVR(T) vehicles
Mine-Resistant VehiclesWolfhound Heavy Tactical Support Vehicles
Mastiff Protected Patrol Vehicles
Infantry Mobility VehiclesHusky Tactical Support Vehicles
Towed Artillery54 105mm L118/L119s
Self-Propelled Artillery20+ 155mm M109A4BEs
32 155mm AS-90s
Multiple Rocket Launchers14 227mm M270B1 MLRS
Vehicles13 bulletproof Toyota Land Cruisers
120 logistics vehicles
2 ambulances and 2 4×4 vehicles
Air Defence Systems6 Stormer HVMs
Starstreak man-portable air defence systems
1 MSI-DS Terrahawk Paladin system
DronesHundreds of “loitering munitions”
850+ Black Hornets
Hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles
RadarsMamba Counter-Battery Radar Systems
Anti-Drone Radars
Engineering EquipmentChallenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicles
Minefield breaching equipment
Bridge-laying equipment
MissilesAGM-84 Harpoon
Brimstone 1s
Brimstone 2s
Storm Shadows
AMRAAM missiles
Anti-Tank Weapons5,361+ NLAW anti-armour weapons
200 Javelin anti-tank missiles
Ammunition300,000+ rounds of artillery ammunition
3,000,000 rounds of small arms ammunition
Military Gear84,000 helmets
5,000 night-vision devices
8,450 sets of body armour
Miscellaneous Equipment20,000 sleeping bags
150 insulated heated tents
Medical equipment
TrainingTraining for tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops under Operation Orbital and Operation Interflex
Intelligence and SurveillanceRC-135W Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft patrols
ISTAR support
Financial AidBillions in export financing
Direct financial aid
World Bank loan guarantees


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Patrick (@guest_830003)
16 days ago

Didn’t realise 14 MLRSs had been given.

Nick (@guest_830007)
16 days ago

Didn’t know we even had 20+ 155mm M109A4BEs to donate?

Warren (@guest_830017)
16 days ago
Reply to  Nick

They were purchased from a private company, former Belgian army.

Andy reeves
Andy reeves (@guest_831216)
12 days ago
Reply to  Nick

agreed, should we have given so much?

Simon m
Simon m (@guest_830023)
16 days ago

What about ASRAAMs in the SAM role?

Paul T
Paul T (@guest_830030)
16 days ago
Reply to  Simon m

They are on the list.

Grant (@guest_830033)
16 days ago

We had 41 MLRs and about 70 AS90s so in effect the Government has given away something like 30-40% of our artillary!

Jacko (@guest_830074)
16 days ago
Reply to  Grant

You could look at it that they are doing the job they were meant for👍

Grant (@guest_830078)
16 days ago
Reply to  Jacko

I guess that’s true. The worry is if they will get replaced…

Graham Moore
Graham Moore (@guest_830082)
15 days ago
Reply to  Grant

MoD replaced the 32 tracked AS-90s with 14 second-hand wheeled Archers.

Tim (@guest_830090)
15 days ago
Reply to  Grant

They are doubling the MLRS fleet to 85 apparently but I have a feeling they will be getting rid of the current one we have and buying himars

Rowan Maguire
Rowan Maguire (@guest_830511)
14 days ago
Reply to  Tim

We are sticking with M270s, over half of our fleet of them had been in storage anyway – only around 20 were actually active so it’s probably going to work out for the better by clearing the older stocks so we can regenerate RA with new numbers.

JohnB (@guest_830164)
15 days ago

Numbers quoted highly likely just the minimum.

Unlike Germany, for instance, the UK is very coy about revealing exact numbers of munitions and materiel supplied to Ukraine.

The 300,000 shells quoted is I believe per annum.

Frank62 (@guest_830343)
14 days ago

For all the west has given to UKR we’ve failed to deter the war or supply UKR with as much aid as it actually needs. A threat to commit troops or impose a no fly zone may have nipped it in the bud or even now force Russia to gve up.
UKR has done incredibly well considering, but we could always do more.

The writing is on the wall regarding running our own forces so low to nominal levels with insufficient supplies to last long conventionally.

Adrian Paul Alexander Macfarlane
Adrian Paul Alexander Macfarlane (@guest_830719)
13 days ago

Once again our small but no less’Great Nation’ stands ‘Front and Center’ in the the face of a global threat from a country that we once supported, supplied and morally stood shoulder to shoulder against an evil Dictator, who as it would turn out they themselves would be found to be equally guilty of inhuman injustices and morally unacceptable practices.We as a country have a moral and justifiable right to support any sovereign nation/country in defeating their agressor/threat.

God Save The King

Andy reeves
Andy reeves (@guest_831215)
12 days ago

as much as I support and admire the Ukraine for it’s character and courage I in this war, the failure t fundamentally change the tide of the war makes me wonder if maybe we’ve given as much as we can, but perhaps it’s time to start reducing our supplies in favour of maintaining our own stocks.

Ross (@guest_831282)
11 days ago

Lots of Scimitars now out of service that could/should be sent