4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment (4 YORKS) swapped the North of England for Denmark as they embarked upon Exercise VIKING STAR between late September and early October, say the British Army.

According to a news release, around 180 of the infantry Reservists deployed to the Scandinavian country for their Annual Continuous Training (ACT) package, which is a requirement for all part-time troops looking to earn their annual tax-free bounty sum.

“Some of the tasks that the unit was asked to do included support to Exercise BRAVE LION, Denmark’s NATO validation mission, live firing on Borris Ranges and training in the state-of-the-art facilities within Oksbol Training Area.”

The Adjutant of 4 YORKS, Captain Lance Morris, said here:

“It wasn’t all work though for the troops, as they were fortunate enough to experience what capital Copenhagen had to offer during a cultural visit towards the end of the exercise.

The trip solidified the already strong bonds between British and Danish forces, who have worked together on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq previously, while the unique facilities on offer were recognised as vital in the modern era.”

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Woolen gloves? Don’t they get a bit soggy in the winter? Is this the best we can give the troops?


Issue kit is mostly bloody good nowadays. If i am correct, they look like the old liner gloves for the issued old style green gloves. I am happy to be corrected, on this pretty boring subject of “gloves, liner, cold weather”…………….


There isn’t much the troops want for. On personal kit the British Army could rightfully claim to be one of the best equipped on earth. Boots, Body Armour, Uniform etc. are all top notch. Little need to go and buy anything for yourself these days (unless you’re trying to look cool).

Steven Greenall

Ffs,What it is about this site,it just doesn’t matter what the picture is or what the subject,if its about our british forces someone always finds something to moan at,the two new carriers must be the most moaned about ships ever built,unbelievable


Steve, I was just joking really (fell a bit flat). It is probably an old photo. KIt generally good these days, I know…

Daniele Mandelli

I think we all moan about cuts, because we care, and want better.

As for the carriers, that is not the impression I get. Any moans here on UKDJ tend to be about their Air Group, or lack of, and only Phalanx CIWS rather than more substantial SAM systems.


‘Cultural visit’


I’m saying nothing…


“its not a lash”


Does that include glasses filled with a golden liquid and then blonde hair curvy things?


Knowing the price of booze in Copenhagen I suspect not many were getting ratted….

Rob Collinson

“between late September and early October” – Isn’t this either out of date or bad copy type?


Yorkies are delicious, not as big as they used to be, must be all the chocolate cuts.