Members of 2 LANCS are training Iraqi and Kurdish security forces on developing counter-IED and medical skills, with Royal Engineers providing mobility support using bridging and breaching.

The 2nd Battalion is based in Weeton near Blackpool. It is part of 42nd Infantry Brigade and is a light role infantry battalion. The battalion specialises in dismounted close combat operations using light vehicles and foot and is capable of operating in a variety of terrain either as a Battle Group or as independent Company Groups.

LCpl Nicquita Chamberlain, a Chindit company medic said:

“The UK training teams are well respected amongst the Coalition. The trainees respond well to our dynamic teaching style.”

Lt Col Rob Singleton, Commanding Officer of 2 LANCS said:

“The 2 LANCS training teams are having a genuine impact. We have trained several battalions and police units who have deployed forward to Mosul.

Their performance has been first class. I’m really proud of the Battalion – particularly the Kingsmen, LCpls and Cpls – because they are using their experience, flare and enthusiasm to deliver some really good lessons.”

According to a press release, some of the Zerevani trainees are experienced soldiers, including individuals who have been part of the counter-Daesh campaign. The training teams utilise their local knowledge in their teaching, enhancing the teaching methods with real-life experiences from the current conflict.

2 LANCS return to Weeton Barracks in July before starting training at Platoon and Company level in preparation to become the UK’s Stand-by Battalion for the North in 2018.

Lt Col Singleton said:

“The 2 LANCS soldiers enjoy the training role and we are a very happy Battle Group. We’ve been able to train the Iraqis and Kurds to keep their country safe and help to defeat Daesh, but it has been a beneficial deployment for my Battalion too.

We’ve been able to get fit, educate and develop ourselves, and learn from our Coalition colleagues – I’m getting brilliant soldiers out of this experience.”

UK training teams across Iraq continue with their mission.

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4 years ago

Well done boys, always good to have you in the news

as the best regiment of the British Army I am very proud.