It has emerged that an unguided two-stage rocket system used to test ballistic missile defence became the first vehicle to lift off from the UK and leave the Earth’s atmosphere.

The launch took place last October during an international military exercise in the Atlantic. One of the targets destroyed was the vehicle in question, an American Terrier Oriole designed to simulate a ballistic missile.

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For those who are interested, there is a fairly good video of the exercise and demonstration on YouTube under the title At Sea Demonstration 2015 – ASD15.


No passenger jets were harmed during this event.

Bloke down the pub

According to this link. the Skylark sounding rocket has been launched from Wales.

Andrew Jarvie

We do seem to be forgetting the UKs most important space mission here!

Andy Berry

by far!

Duncan Poole

Much better!

Grant Gates

How we gonna use it again???

Jason Cole

We need more funding and research into reliant robin spacecraft

Duncan Poole

I was hoping this would be good for humanity. Not war!

Adam Hicken

You could argue that something which deters aggression is good for humanity

Dave Tipple

It was not launched from UK Soil. It was launched from a WAR SHIP, not British, it was in British waters, on A British test range , and that’s as close as it gets.

Jon Roach

It’s all sovereign territory!

David Manley

Wrong, the rocket was launched from land. It was intercepted by a missile launched from a ship

Dave Tipple

It says from ” UK SOIL” and it was not, it was from a Non British Warship, and any war ship maintains the Sovereignty of the Nation that it belongs to, so not British Sovereign Territory eather ?

Dave Tipple

David ….you are correct, I got a wee bit confused, the fact was I know the ships involved had just finished, ex joint warrior 215, so where all around the area, and just asume that one of them fired it.

A hallihan

A warship complete with buildings, floodlights and a tree.
Not familiar with the warship type. Could you advise?

Richard Stanley

The Germans launched unguided rockets that entered space 80 years ago called the V2, just saying.

Jon Roach

30 missiles launched against 2 targets seems like a lot of fun.


There were many other targets launched during the exercise, so not all 30 were aimed at the ballistic targets.

Raghbir Mander


Jason Simpkins

We are a backwards 3rd world country lol