BAE completes acquisition of military GPS business

BAE Systems has completed its acquisition of the Collins Aerospace Military GPS business from Raytheon Technologies Corporation.

UK awards SKYNET 6A military comms satellite contract

The £500 million contract covers all aspects of the satellite’s development. From the design, manufacture, and assembly stages, to integration, testing and finally the launch of SKYNET 6A.

BAE deliver first radiation-hardened RAD5545 radios

RAD5545 software defined radios are on their way to Lockheed Martin to support future space missions.

British firm QinetiQ wins £7.8m European Space Agency contract

The contract will see QinetiQ design and build a platform for microgravity-based heat transfer experiments to be installed on the International Space Station.

New US-UK agreement boosts UK spaceport plans

The UK and US governments have signed a new agreement paving the way for US companies to operate from UK spaceports and export space launch technology.

UK space sector gets giant new satellite test chamber

A 16m long space test chamber has been installed in the UK's National Satellite Test Facility.

Sub-orbital rocket launched from Scottish island

Edinburgh-based Skyrora has successfully launched its Skylark Nano rocket from the Shetland Islands.

Airbus supplies EU with satellite communications

The contract named 'EU SatCom Market' will allow EU member states to centralise their satellite communications requirements and obtain "coordinated, more economical and effective" access to these services.

Secretive unmanned X-37B spaceplane launches for new mission

The Boeing-built X-37B autonomous spaceplane launched recently on top of a uniquely configured United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.

UK commits new funding to combat space debris

New government funding to tackle space debris has been announced by the UK Space Agency.



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