UK aims to become ‘meaningful player in space’

The UK is planning to establish a new Space Command by Summer 2021.

New UK satellite propulsion test facility to open

The new centre will allow UK companies and academics to fire up and test engines at up to 1.5kN in high-altitude vacuum, an equivalent test altitude of 140,000ft.

Plans advance for first orbital rocket launch from UK soil

The project, known as the 'UK Pathfinder Launch', will see a satellite launched into orbit from Scotland in 2022.

Britain and UN sign space sustainability agreement

It is hoped that the agreement will help nations ensure that "outer space remains safe and sustainable for future generations".

New United Kingdom Space Commander named

The inaugural commander of the United Kingdom’s new Space Command has been announced as Air Commodore Paul Godfrey OBE who will be promoted to...

Spacewalk to fit British kit to International Space Station

Two astronauts will today undertake a spacewalk to install a revolutionary piece of British-funded tech on the International Space Station, marking the UK’s first major industrial contribution to the space station.

UK Space Agency launch study into nuclear-powered space exploration

The UK Space Agency and Rolls-Royce are joining forces for a study into how nuclear power could be used for space exploration.

A look at space in UK Defence

Britain must increase its spending on all aspects of space defence argues Rebecca Campbell in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

Scottish space company Skyrora tests new ‘space tug’ vehicle

Skyrora is developing a 70ft rocket, the Skyrora XL, intended for low earth orbit satellite launches from the United Kingdom.

UK data networks vulnerable to ‘blackout’

Over 90% of the communications and data used to facilitate critical business activity in the UK comes via foreign satellites.



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