UK Space Agency launch study into nuclear-powered space exploration

The UK Space Agency and Rolls-Royce are joining forces for a study into how nuclear power could be used for space exploration.

A look at space in UK Defence

Britain must increase its spending on all aspects of space defence argues Rebecca Campbell in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

Scottish space company Skyrora tests new ‘space tug’ vehicle

Skyrora is developing a 70ft rocket, the Skyrora XL, intended for low earth orbit satellite launches from the United Kingdom.

UK data networks vulnerable to ‘blackout’

Over 90% of the communications and data used to facilitate critical business activity in the UK comes via foreign satellites.

New RAF space command to launch rockets from Scotland

Boris Johnson announced "a new RAF space command launching British satellites and our first rocket from Scotland in 2022".

UK-led telescope given go ahead by European Space Agency

The European Space Agency has given the green light to the world’s first space telescope, the UK-led Ariel.

Shetland Spaceport boosts UK space launch capabilities

Hundreds of space jobs will be created in Scotland following UK Government approval for Lockheed Martin plans to transfer its satellite launch operations to the Shetland Space Centre.

UK and NASA sign agreement ahead of mission to the Moon

The UK will play a key role in achieving a safe and sustainable human presence on the Moon.

US Court approves $500m sale of OneWeb to the UK Government

Few are sure what the OneWeb satellites will actually be used for once launched.

UK Government to explore new ways of delivering satellite navigation system

The UK has now completely abandoned the idea of building its own satellite navigation system.



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