DARPA selects BAE to develop machine learning capabilities for space

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Raytheon and MoD developing new UK space capabilities

Raytheon will work with the Ministry of Defence as part of Team ARTEMIS.

Joint Forces Command renamed Strategic Command

Joint Forces Command will be transformed into Strategic Command.

Defence Secretary outlines the future of the UK space programme

Penny Mordaunt has outlined plans for the UK space programme.

MoD reject claims that spaceport will be used for ballistic missiles

Opponents believe the site will launch ballistic missiles.

Boeing Starliner completes hot firing tests

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner propulsion system was put to the test.

US sensors track more debris from Indian Anti-Satellite launch

The U.S. Air Force Space Fence system detected the breakup field.

Shaping Britain’s Space Programme: A Renewed Focus

There needs to be a fundamental requirement for the UK to develop a coherent and succinct space programme.

WATCH: ‘Two shot salvo’ destroys mock ballistic missile in US test

The US Missile Defense Agency launched two Raytheon-built Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicles.

NASA say ‘terrible’ Indian missile test has endangered International Space Station

The risk of collision with the ISS was increased by 44 percent.



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