US Space Force shows off first offensive weapons system

The first offensive weapon system in the United States Space Force achieved Initial Operating Capability on the 9th of March.

US Army looking to utilise ‘low Earth orbit’ satellites

Constellations of small satellites orbiting close to Earth may provide faster communications and be less vulnerable than traditional ones.

NATO begins using enhanced satellite services

The memorandum between France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States enables the four Allies to provide space capacity from their military satellite communications programmes to NATO.

How to deflect an asteroid

On April the 13th, 2029 a chunk of space rock will streak by Earth at 30 kilometres per second, grazing the planet’s sphere of geostationary satellites.

QinetiQ to play ‘key role’ in European satellite capabilities

British firm QinetiQ has confirmed it has secured a major new contract with the European Space Agency.

Defence and industry to join forces at 2020 Space Conference

Speakers will include ministers, the Chief of the Air Staff alongside senior leaders from the National Space Council and the newly formed US Space Command.

BAE selected to create autonomy software for multi-domain mission planning

BAE Systems say it will develop software for military operators that will enable semi-autonomous multi-domain mission planning.

British Skynet satellites reach 50 year milestone

Airbus is celebrating 50 years of providing secure military satellite communications to the UK with the 50th anniversary of the first Skynet satellite.

Ministers take decisions to adapt NATO, recognise space as an operational domain

NATO Foreign Ministers met in Brussels on Wednesday to address a wide range of security challenges in preparation for the meeting of NATO leaders in London.

QinetiQ space business secures new ESA contract

QinetiQ will develop equipment for the International Space Station.



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