C-RAM firing in response to a rocket attack launched by insurgents in Basra in 2009.

C-RAM is a land version of the Phalanx CIWS radar-controlled rapid-fire gun for close in protection of vessels from missiles. C-RAM is an initiative taken in response to an operational needs statement made by the Multinational Force Iraq (MNF-I). The directive arose in response to the increasing number of casualties caused by attacks using rockets, artillery, and mortars in Iraq. The land-based Phalanx B was subsequently deployed in Iraq in the summer of 2004.

It protected the Green Zone and Camp Victory in Baghdad, Joint Base Balad near Balad, Iraq, and was also deployed by the British Army in southern Iraq.

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Dominic Waite

Well that’s pretty awesome

Craig Gibson

Awesome bit of kit!

Nick Farr

Joe Gilpin

Chris Pacey

Anybody that heard that will never forget it!

Alan Helm

Never has a more honest statement brought back so many memories mate!

Chris Pacey


Jeff Boutwell

And the blasted wailing sirens and outgoing 155’s. Basra – 2007

Byron Martin

Life saving bit of kit.

Chris Pacey

Unfortunately not always : (

DaveandKirsteen Pope

I have been pretty close to it when it goes off and there are loads of clips on YouTube.

Allan Elder

Eneas Mccurdy

Chris Power

Haven’t they all been converted to the Naval version for the RN?

David L Thomas

Nice hardware


Wasn’t it just taken straight off a warship and returned after the war?

If it was that useful, they would have tried to buy one or more to be used perm for land based use, instead of crippling the ships

Silvio Anselmi
Stephen Priestley

That sound…


John Hope

The c ram has been upgraded for fitting to the new carriers

Ron Walters

I wish they had this when I was stationed with them in Basrah and the base was pummeled as the most rocketed/mortared base in Iraq.

Sean Brian

Mikey Wartooth so sick

Philip Moore

Wouldn’t want to go anywhere near the business end of this 🙂

Dave O'sullivan

An awesome piece of kit no doubt saving many lives


It would be good to know some stats on how effective these things are.

How many targets did it acquire vs how many did it not
How many hits vs misses

Ok the land based threats are considerably smaller than the targets that these things were designed to take on, but on the flip side they are also moving considerably slower.