AEI Cables will provide cable and wiring for power, lighting and data communications circuits to shipbuilder BAE Systems for the Type 26 Frigate with 400km of cable being supplied for the first order.

Working with prime contractor BAE Systems, AEI Cables will supply cable and wiring for the power, lighting and data communications circuits to the vessels.

The Type 26 will replace the Type 23 frigates as a versatile multi-mission warship designed to support anti-submarine warfare, air defence, humanitarian assistance and general operations anywhere in the world.

Stuart Dover, commercial manager for AEI Cables, said:

“Supplying cables of this kind for such complex requirements means there can be no compromise in their quality and functionality. We’re proud to be supplying our products to BAE Systems for such an important programme.”

AEI Cables is already a supplier of defence cables and wiring product for the Royal Navy including the Queen Elizabeth class carriers.

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Did I even need to google if A.E.I. cables was owned by a foreign company?

Steve Taylor

Ultimately owned by a Gulf holding company.


Just read its history rather typically British to be honest. I thought A.E.I sounded familiar I remember seeing its name now I think of it when young on various electrical equipment. Interesting to see it had acquired Ediswan way back the Ediswan factory still exists in the red hot (once) technology hub of the River Lee, though sadly Hal of it is going to be demolished to make room for a Beavertown brewery, the rest remaining I believe as a historical monument to how Swan invented the light bulb.

Cam Hunter

And Americans think they invented the light bulb lol ?


I’m more interested in who will be providing the toilet seats.

Don’t go on about mood lighting! They’ll have the BLT flag up. Wait… LGBTQ or whatever it is now.


The paint will be supplied by Hempel, Danish!


You mustn’t use the term “gallons” till after 29th March!! It’s “Litres”, or multiples of 4.54’ish if used before!


We will never use gallons again, If we did the secret of how much more we actually pay for our petrol will finally be out…..

captain P Wash.

Ain’t that the truth Jonathon.



?? love that comment


that’s pretty funny, like the sarcasm. Not enough humour on DJ even though I try to do my bit

captain P Wash.

Agreed julian1, There’s nothing wrong with a bit of humour.

Big. B

Hempals or international I would think and I belive both foreign ownd


Well it won’t be the Gatehead factory, that closed last year


Paint…. a much derided item but a very complex subject.

Could be International, Hempel, Jotuns…

The coating system not only needs to look good but also needs to be weather proof and CBRN resistant. By the time you start considering RAM paint, underwater hull antifoul, rubberised bilge paint, high temp resistant coatings etc and the fact that it all needs to be low toxicity in a fire, its a very complex subject.

Taxi for Gunbuster!
Anyway look here for what paint systems are in use on RN vessels.

Daniele Mandelli


I like reading into the little details on things but that is a whole new level.

The “RN Husbandry and Habitability Database”

Brilliant stuff.


Cabling… Post Falklands it was recognised that Smoke was the major issue during fires. The use of rubberised and syntheric covered cables caused masses of toxic black smoke hat to be emitted in fires. After that LFH (Low fire hazard) cabling was mandated that had a low toxicity in fires and produces a lot less smoke. When you look at cabling on board you could have standard 3 core up to 64 core or greater, with each core possibly being shielded withing a larger shielded armoured cable. If its crossing the upperdeck it needs to be weather proof , UV… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Wish there was an up vote option!

Real experience or knowledge so appreciated.

Daniele Mandelli

Thumbs up or down.

Many sites with a discussion forum such as this have a tab next to a comment you can click to signal appreciation or dislike, with a down vote.

Some sites then make that pertinent point which has been so appreciated as a “hot topic” which is highlighted for users.

Think of the Roman Emperor with his thumbs up – Live, or down – die.

Daniele Mandelli

I do not believe so. I believe in reality it was the other way round and thumb down actually meant sword down let them live.

But it suited my description of the up vote.

Mark L

A lot of the data cable will be fibre optic. This does away with any interference or cross talk but it is easy to damge while it is being installed.


Old fashioned telephone cable for sound powered emergency phones.
Most fibres are blown now . They put a load of fibre in a pipe and literally blow it along the pipe to it’s destination then connect it.
There have been issues with HV power cables cross talking and distorting the 440v 60hz cables. Modern electronics do not like a 6th or 8th harmonic ripple finding it’s way through. It was an issue that was found on early HV applications on RN ships.

captain P Wash.

LSZH ? lol,


Before the Falklands war most cables on R.N. ships were usually painted over and this paint helped spread the fires which caused toxic fumes , post Falklands war new cables were all L.F.H. and cable runs were left unpainted ,This also helped when stripping out old cables as old paint shards were like razor blades, The correct quality of wiring is very important and is definitely no laughing matter ,Lives are at stake


So, a company that already supplies the MOD with cables for it’s ships, has received an order for cables, for it’s ships. Where do these journalists find these extraordinary stories from, scoops , I think they used to be called. Wonderful, education of the highest standard. You know Rolls Royce may be asked to supply the engines, watch this space.

Mark L

If you want a really boring colour nothing beats Light Admiralty Grey BS381C 697.


AEI gatesshead i closed, sowho/where cable coming from?

john melling

The company is owned by DUCAB, from Dubai.. for all those wondering
Guess our recent efforts in the Gulf are providing future work

Rob Mckibbin

AEI don’t exist Ducab took them over and closed the Birtley factory which is in the process of being demolished, all the machinery and plant has been taken away in containers, looks as if we have to relie on the Arabs from now on for cables for our naval ships.