An Airbus A400M airlifter has performed an air-bridge between Toulouse and Madrid in order to deliver critically-needed mask supplies to the Spanish health system.

The aircraft, known as MSN56 and operated by an Airbus crew, took off on 23rd March 2020 from Airbus’ headquarters in Toulouse at 18.07 local time (CET) landing at the Getafe Air Base (Madrid) at 19.05 to off-load and deliver the masks to the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

The cargo is part of the approximately 2 million masks transported over the weekend by a test Airbus A330-800 aircraft from Tianjin, China, to Europe.

Airbus A400M transports masks to Spain in support of COVID-19 crisis efforts
Image via Airbus.

This air-bridge will enable the delivery of a significant supply of masks to the Spanish public health network in support of current COVID-19 crisis efforts. This comes on top of donations by Airbus in recent days to provide thousands of masks to hospitals and public services around Europe. The Company will continue to support with additional flights planned to take place in the coming days in coordination with national authorities.

The picture shows the off-loading of the cargo at Airbus Getafe site in Madrid, Spain.

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I’m hoping that once the virus is contained and a vaccine is made available, the World will attempt to co-ordinate a global response through an international organisation, that can call on military assets in times of contagion. Obviously, this body would operate under the W.H.O. and possibly the terms of strategic planning, but would be a joint effort, by nations to act more speedily in the event of an outbreak. I’m sure military assets would be allocated by all nations, to ensure that next time, the World could cope in a well-co-ordinated operation. Much will be learned from this… Read more »

Peter Shaw

I think given that China was the initial source of avian flu, swine flu, SARS and SARS-COV2 (roughly spaced five years apart) I think it is high time they closed down the wet markets that deal with endangered and rare animals like horse-shoe bats and Pangolin’s. If they refuse to close these awful and barbaric wet markets that lead to severe animal suffering and viral inter-species transmission routes then China should be locked out of the international markets. It’s no longer good enough for the wet to shrug its shoulders and ignore these inter-linked issues of the trade in live… Read more »


I agree. China are probably not on their own
The way these peasant like people live is disgusting and disgraceful. No need for it.
China is a miserable place … it should be told so.

Daniele Mandelli

“I think it is high time they closed down the wet markets that deal with endangered and rare animals like horse-shoe bats and Pangolin’s. If they refuse to close these awful and barbaric wet markets that lead to severe animal suffering and viral inter-species transmission routes then China should be locked out of the international markets”

Hear Hear!


I agree, I’ve always felt that we treat China with kid gloves. Their human rights aren’t great. A lot of the poaching in Africa stems from the Chinese wanting Rhino horn, their environmental standards aren’t great. we are closing coal fuelled power stations and they’re opening them. Where I have a choice I dont buy Chinese product, unfortnately sometimes there is no choice

Sceptical Richard

If I’m not mistaken, swine flu started in the USA. But yes, China should make a concerted effort to educate its rural population and stop these practices. But throughout the world, rural populations tend to be very traditional and highly distrustful of central governments. Won’t be easy

Peter shaw

Most scientists agree that the likely origin of swine flu was China that then transferred to Mexico and then to the US. Sanctions from western nations to China would be an effective measure to enforce implementation – and yes that is absolutely feasible.


The irony is, these wet markets aren’t traditional, nor are they depended upon by peasants. They only began in 1980 and they cater for those looking to acquire unusual ‘delicacies’ rather than everyday basics to survive.


Like all hear I agree re the barbaric animal trade and indeed the general treatment of animals in China. This is their mess and the World should not forget it.
This whole China is helping thing is an attempt to change the narrative by China. Its cold calculation by them and certainly not altruism.

Looking ahead coronavirus is likely to seriously weaken the West financially and by implication seriously change the strategic balance in China’s favour. Its coming.


Peter Shaw

I would agree. For some reason there are lots of moronic left wing idiots in the UK and US that want to help China achieve financial dominance. For instance the reporter that said it was racist to call the virus the “China Virus”. Why precisely is that racist to call it the “China Virus”. Personally, if this happened through negligence, lack of transparency and deliberate actions then we are in our rights to call it the “China Virus”. This has now smashed the west financially, severely weakened our economies whilst China remains relatively unaffected by this virus. We must, absolutely… Read more »

Mr Bell

Couldn’t agree more. In the future when a disease like this is detected as it emerges in whichever country. The country of origin should be locked down. This quarantine should be enforced by the whole world regardless of country of origin. Coronavirus should never have been allowed to escape China and spread around the world as it has. China in response has done what to help the world? A few plane loads of equipment sent to Italy. Jez thanks China. Meanwhile they are actively marketing their mass produced ventilators at full list price. Star Laboratory ICU ventilators for £16.5K .… Read more »

Peter Shaw

China are now duff medical equipment and tests that don’t work…surprise, surprise…Who bets they sell a vaccine that blinds people, or cripples them next. I won’t trust any vaccine coming out of China…either invented or made. If that means i suffer from corona virus so be it…better than being poisoned by the Chinese communist government.

barry white

I will keep saying this for as long as people dont get it Is it a conspiracy theory ? Make your own mind up China What fools have we all been about this country The rise of China in the last 30 or so years has been to say in the least amazing Now my 2 penneth This was planed from the outset Just think of all the outbreaks that have stemmed from that country in that time It was all planed so that the Chinese Race will become masters of the world Whilst the Western Economies and for that… Read more »


Thing is debt is only as good as the contract, so they can buy it all up, but at the end of the day the only collateral they can liquidate is within the terms of that contract; si they cant rule anything. With bonds, UK Govt promise to pay, but they dont have to, just get a massive hit to the SPR.

China are already there and dont need epidemics, so dont worry it just BAU.

barry white



This thread sums up for me some of the appalling attitudes displayed at times on UKDJ. Intolerant, bigoted, fundamentally ignorant, reactionary, conspiracy theory driven and downright stupid. Take a break guys….go wash your hands and whilst you are about wash your mouths out as well!


Well said sir, this is no time for ignorant Racist based comments about this World Pandemic or its origins.

Peter Shaw

What is racist about highlighting wet markets and the trade in endangered species or the lack of action when internally China had been dealing with this virus since end of September (I have friends in China that can confirm). They were not transparent and the communist government tried to hide the true extent and numbers (even now). We are highlighting the actions of the Chinese communist government and not Chinese people. I think it is you who are probably racist in my opinion as often I hear people shout racist at the first opportunity but are some of the most… Read more »


You can cry all you want, I stand by my statement and I am sure “Herodotus” stands by his.


I think this one is a trifle dim Nicholas…..almost certainly not worth bothering with. His comments remind me of the old Baddiel and Skinner sketches about the infantile professors …..”see that lump of muck over there, that’s you that is’ 😀


“trifle dim” is a good description. I thought this site dealt with UK based Military matters and not used as a stage for the likes of Self Righteous ranters like Mr Shaw?

Peter Shaw

Infantile comment and didn’t address the central issues. You have adequately described each other. Please grow up Herodotus and Nicholas and stop acting like children. As regards defence matters the negligent release of viruses is a major security and defence issue.

Peter Shaw

So I guess the pandemic fell out of the sky then….good to know you support the Chinese communist government…..also you support the trade in endangered species linked to wet markets

Peter Shaw

Your comment is more a reflection of you Herodotus. You have aptly described yourself