Forecast International predicts that the US defence electronics market will grow to be worth at least $148.774 billion over the timeframe 2019-2028.

“The U.S. defense electronics industry appears to be focused on enhancing, modernizing, and upgrading existing systems while at the same time developing new technologies,” said Richard Sterk, Senior Analyst and editor of Forecast International’s yearly analysis

“The Market for U.S. Defense Electronics.” Sterk added,

Forecast International’s projections are the result of a review and analysis of 500+ leading defence electronics programmes say the firm. The analysis projects that the top five defence electronics companies in the coming decades will be Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Harris, and BAE Systems.

“Thanks to the fact that platforms such as aircraft, ships, and vehicles are being made to stay in service much longer than previous generations,” said Sterk, “the defense electronics industry is benefitting from demands for continual upgrades and retrofits of systems and sensors to keep these platforms at peak operational readiness.”

Programmes forecast to be market leaders over the coming decade include the APG-81 AESA radar for F-35 aircraft; the ICNIA (Integrated Communications, Navigation, Identification, Avionics) system that will integrate aircraft avionics for the F-22 and F-35; the APG-68 pulse-Doppler fire control radar for the F-16; the AAQ-33 Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod; the ALQ-210 situational awareness and threat warning system; the SPY-6 Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) to be installed aboard aircraft carriers and destroyers; the AQS-20 minehunting sonar and AQS-22 ALFS (Airborne Low Frequency Sonar) naval systems; the Navy Multi-band Terminal C4I system; the PRC-150 and PRC-152 combat radios; the Bowman radio; and the VAS-5 Driver’s Vision Enhancer for land vehicles.

Forecast International is a provider of Market Intelligence and Consulting in the areas of aerospace, defense, power systems and military electronics.

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dan (@guest_461850)
2 years ago

The APG-68 radar a market leader? What? That radar is like 20+ years old. Isn’t everyone going to modern AESA radars now?

Paul Bestwick
Paul Bestwick (@guest_461863)
2 years ago
Reply to  dan

Might it be the programme to replace said radar?

Crabfat (@guest_461884)
2 years ago
Reply to  dan

At least they took the washing off the lines before they took this picture! Seriously, though (question to them wot knows) are these vertical lines HF aerials (usually horizontal) or do they have some other purpose?