Argentine state military-aviation contractor Fábrica Argentina de Aviones has announced that it has completed its fifth IA-63 Pampa III jet trainer, which is now scheduled for delivery to the Argentine Air Force.

In 2015 a prototype of the third version of the IA-63 Pampa was introduced to the press. However, rampant inflation and a severe recession had made impossible for the Argentine government to finance the manufacturing of any of the promised planes. In 2016, a new Argentinian government allowed progress to be made and the first flight of the “Pampa III” took place the same year.

The first Pampa III made its maiden flight in September 2018.

The Argentine Air Force is expecting to receive one more Pampa III by year’s end, concluding the service’s most recent three unit order for the new variant. The government’s total order for the aircraft presently sits at nine units, with contracts and deliveries being implemented in staggered groups of three units each.

To date, the Pampa III programme and the consistently implemented production schedule for the new model has marked something of a resurgence for FAdeA which had struggled to design to and implement new-build aviation programs in the years following the 1990s and onward owing to the country’s sustained economic and structural problems.

The Pampa III, a development of the company’s successful IA-63 Pampa dating from the mid-1980s, represents a return to the company’s capacity for guiding an indigenous project from the planning stage to the factory floor, say the firm.

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andy reeves

SHOULD COMPLIMENT their air balloons nicely

Andy P

Not sure what to make of countries like Argentina spending money on doing their own variation of the basic 2 seat trainer, UKDJ showed us Iran have done the same. On one hand I get it, it keeps their hand in on small jet building, on the other, it must be quite an expensive way to do it instead of buying old Hawks or Alphajets.


Presumably it’s to train pilots for their refurbished Skyhawks. If these include glass cockpits, then I doubt old hawks or alphabets are suitable. The latest hawk or US trainer is probably too expensive or unavailable

Mr Bell

We wouldn’t sell them a Hawk, even 2nd hand as too much sensitive uk tech onboard. Besides there would be a risk of them using our ex aircraft against us. No Argentina need to be left isolated and cut off from advanced weaponry until they are not a failed state with dodgy corrupt politicians, like Kircher.


But we have sold the hawk to man6 Nations, maybe Ex Indian or similar, but if the Indians don’t want them who would they like antique aircraft.


The Hawk T1/1a does not have any sensitive technology.


Some countries, no matter how economically challenged, understand the importance of maintaining technological ability in-house. In that respect, they put value on the ability to produce hi-tech products in a way that we don’t. We seem determined to throw it away! Lack of investment from those lovely Brits with the money and unimaginative politicians that are more concerned with personal ambition than building for the long-term!

Andy P

Long term doesn’t help short term politics unfortunately. On a range of subjects. ALL the current lot are promising the earth if you vote for them, I’ve no doubt sexual favours would be forthcoming if they thought it would work. Experience suggests they’ll let us down yet still some lap it up.


Sexual favours? Thought they had been screwing us for years!

Andy P

Brilliant, can’t add anything to that.


How does that company keep functioning with 9 orders! Government prop up?


May well be doing other types of engineering work. Didn’t BAC workers construct ‘Bristol’ cars during slack periods?


We’ve done a tremendous job keeping their wings clipped 😀