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Combat aircraft and warship to bolster Baltic security

Typhoons and the warship HMS Iron Duke will deploy to the Baltic this month.

UK cancels F-35 purchase

Citing multiple issues, the United Kingdom have announced their intention to scrap plans to purchase F-35.

Trident to be upgraded to protect against cyber attack

It is understood that the Trident missile system will be given increased protection from cyber-security threats.

RAF Lossiemouth prepares for Exercise Joint Warrior

The exercise will involve more than 31 warships and submarines, 60 aircraft, and a total of around 6500 personnel from 14 participating nations.

Frigate escorts Russian task group along eastern coast

A Royal Navy warship has escorted a Russian task group along the eastern coast of the UK. HMS Somerset, a Type 23 frigate was used...

UK P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft to cost £250m each

The P-8 is an aircraft designed for long-range anti-submarine warfare; anti-surface warfare; and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

F-35 making ‘solid progress’

US Navy and US Air Force officials said "our overall assessment is that the F-35 is making solid progress across the board".

UK to lead Gulf Maritime Force

The UK is to lead a joint maritime force to deter piracy, tackle terrorism, and disrupt smuggling.

EgyptAir hijack comes to an end

Reuters are quoting Cyprus reports that the alleged EgyptAir hijacker has emerged from the plane with his hands held up.

Israeli Air Force scrambles jets after EgyptAir hijacking

The Israeli jets were deployed to protect Israel's air space.