Babcock International has secured a three year contract, with two year optional extension, for the Gun System Automation (GSA) 9 in-service support contract with the Ministry of Defence supporting the Royal Navy. 

Operating jointly from our South West facilities at Devonport and Portsmouth – specialising in warship support – this contract will provide support for all aspects of GSA9 support including Electro Optical Gunfire Control System (EOGCS), the Electro Optical Sensor Platforms (EOSPs), the Quick Pointing Devices (QPD) and below decks equipment of six Control Consoles, Gun Allocation Subsystem, Gunnery Check Fire System and two Maintenance and Analysis Facilities (MAF). 

Through GSA9, Babcock say it will deliver critical services to the Royal Navy’s T45 Destroyers and manage a portfolio of sub-contractors and suppliers. 

Richard Drake, Managing Director Babcock DST, said:

“Babcock is uniquely positioned to support the defence industry through our proven weapons expertise. By combining our comprehensive technical knowhow and joining multiple equipment’s together, we are well placed to deliver a superior capability for the Royal Navy.”

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maurice10 (@guest_478478)
1 year ago

Just keeps getting better for Babcock.

BIG D (@guest_478506)
1 year ago

Just as well that Bae has some competition good for Babcock. May be this might help with bringing down the price on equipment if there is true level competing companies & not a monopoly with Bae.

Gunbuster (@guest_478521)
1 year ago

Its really nothing special. Now that the T45 has moved past the CLS contract that had it tied to BAe for a fixed period you will see more of these contracts.
Babcock will now provide support and services to equipment. Its no different from any other contract issued by Abbey Wood to support a system.
They will manage sub cons and suppliers So that will be the companies who actually made the equipment and fix the defective cct boards, TV cameras and TI Cameras etc.

Paul T
Paul T (@guest_478527)
1 year ago

On a slight tangent,now that the proposed Type 31 Armament wont be re-using the 4.5 MK8 Guns off the Type 23’s,would it not make sense for the T45’s to match the Type 26’s in using the MK45,obviously for logistics,maintenance,training etc,or would the costs of this far outweigh the benefits ?