BAE Systems has received two US Navy contracts totalling $54.8 million to modernise the amphibious assault ship USS America and the guided missile cruiser USS Cape St. George.

Both contracts include options that, if exercised, would bring the total cumulative value of the awards to $62.2 million.
“These contracts are important to expanding the service lives and capability of these Navy ships,” said David Thomas, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair.
“Our work on board the America will keep the ship ready for immediate service. For the Cape St. George, it is the beginning of a four-year journey toward full modernisation and the ability to serve in the fleet longer.”
The USS America was commissioned in October 2014. BAE Systems will perform hull, mechanical, and electrical repairs, as well as additional flight deck modifications to support F-35 Lightning II operations on board.
The company say that work on the 844-foot long ship will be conducted at Naval Station San Diego. The modernisation is expected to begin in March and be completed in December 2018.
USS Cape St. George.
The USS Cape St. George was commissioned in June 1993. BAE Systems will perform ship alternations and repairs aboard the 567-foot long ship, including the replacement of critical aluminium structures and the removal of obsolete equipment, under the Navy’s cruiser modernisation program. BAE Systems work on the Cape St. George, to be conducted at the company’s shipyard in San Diego, is expected to begin in March and be completed by January 2019.
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Dave Branney

Is there any reason why the US LHAs do not have a bow ramp to help with take offs for their Harriers and F35s?


The USMC claims it would get in the way of takeoff and storing their larger helicopters. Due to Super Stallions soon to be King Stallions and the Osprey needing more room. That way they can launch and carry more at the same.


“Modernising” a ship that entered service a couple of years ago


….. And cost £3.4 Bn for a bigger HMS Ocean … Its what you can do when you have a defence budget of $639 (£456) Bn for one year (2018). This is just eye wateringly BIG: Snapshot purchases for ONE year being part costs of multi year programmes: * F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, 70 aircraft; $10.3 billion * KC-46 Tanker, 15 aircraft; $3.1 billion * B-21 Bomber, $2.0 billion * Virginia Class Submarine, 2 ships; $5.5 billion * DDG-51 Destroyers, 2 ships, $4.0 billion * CVN-78 Class Aircraft Carrier, 1 ship, $4.6 billion * Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, 2,647… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

And the “black Budget” added to all that.

No one should ever compare with the US.
People should compare with other nations and find the UK is ahead in so many areas, except numbers, and this is where we need to improve.


Modernization and refit programs are constantly done in the US whether “needed” or not. That is how you keep a ship in service for 50yrs if needed.
Holding off on repair and refit cycles inevitably shortens the service lives of ships and actually makes them less available.