BAE Systems has received a $93 million contract to provide critical sustainment support for the F-35s EW system.

BAE Systems say in a news release that it has received a $93 million contract from Lockheed Martin to provide critical sustainment support for the AN/ASQ-239 electronic warfare countermeasure system.

The contract will ensure the mission readiness of the growing global fleet of F-35 aircraft.

“Under the contract, BAE Systems will provide software maintenance, depot test equipment support, logistics analysis, obsolescence monitoring, technical field support, and reachback support for the F-35 U.S. Reprogramming Laboratory.

The contract complements the BAE Systems F-35 performance-based logistics (PBL) program, through which BAE Systems ensures EW material availability. Under the EW PBL, BAE Systems has demonstrated a 60% improvement in supply support, delivering better than 85% EW material availability to the F-35 enterprise with reduced cost per flight hour using a cost-effective, outcome-based support strategy.”

BAE also say that the AN/ASQ-239 electronic warfare suite provides real-time situational awareness and superior electronic warfare attack and countermeasure capabilities.

You can read more here.

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5 months ago

It’ll never happen but I would be very interested to see how the standard kit compares with Israeli kit. Israel has a long history of fitting their own systems to F-16s, F-15s and now F-35s?