BAE Systems sites around the country are taking part in the effort to produce PPE for the NHS.

According to a BAE Systems news release:

“Engineers at our Electronic Systems site in Rochester have joined our continued efforts to ramp up donations of vital Personal Protective Equipment to the NHS and other healthcare providers to support the fight against Covid-19. We’ve already delivered more than 45,000 face shields with the support of employees across the UK and our supply chain, including 4,000 units to NHS and Social Care settings across Kent and Medway, and we now expect to donate more than 150,000 in total over the coming weeks.

The team at Rochester, which usually produces sophisticated electronic systems for military and commercial platforms, has developed a new face shield design, helping to further bolster our efforts to support the nation’s healthcare workers. Production started this week at Rochester on an initial 3,000 face shields, with up to 500 face shields to be produced at the site each week over the next six weeks.”

John Russell, Deputy Director for Engineering at Electronic Systems Rochester said:

“The NHS and healthcare workers across the UK continue to make the nation proud and we wanted to play our part in helping those on the frontline. Our team of engineers created a new design of face shield that could be produced in high numbers using our smaller 3D printers in less than a week which is a huge achievement. We’ve now started production and the first of the new shields produced at Rochester will be making their way to our amazing NHS staff this week.”

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maurice10 (@guest_503343)
1 year ago

At some stage after COVID-19, a central body will be required to coordinate supply of PPE. This would ensure the continuation of kits, to build up supplies for the majority of the British public. I don’t know if the Home Office still holds civilian stores anymore, or it is now in the hands of the MOD? Obviously the Home Office would be the most likely body of responsibility?

Spyinthesky (@guest_503346)
1 year ago
Reply to  maurice10

Indeed if anything tells us that the vagories of the global capitalist market place doesn’t work in moments like this then surely this does. There needs to be strategic measures all across our industry to ensure that supplies of vital materials are not only stocked but can be produced at short notice. The great work of companies across the Country shows it can be done so let’s do it prior to the need being yesterday over today and tomorrow. Finally as belated as it is what a vita answer the is to that bei even pronouncement by Thatcher all those… Read more »

maurice10 (@guest_503351)
1 year ago
Reply to  Spyinthesky

Public confidence in Government will vanish overnight if we are unprepared next time, whenever that maybe? We have the indigenous capability to produce kit and with the luxury of containment, we must ensure the quality is guaranteed.

john melling
john melling (@guest_503380)
1 year ago
Reply to  maurice10

Who the hell is in charge of logistics\stores in the NHS with its fy2020 budget of 134billion plus Sorry, but as someone who works in the food industry… yes I’m a Chef of 20 years – Every day we check the fridges and storerooms… well the garden shed outside actually with the dangerous chemicals etc.. also where all the smokers go for a fag ! ;P If we are short on gloves, degreaser, descaler, sanitizer and masks Let me repeat that …If we are short on gloves, degreaser, descaler, sanitizer and masks Yes we use them too We write it… Read more »

maurice10 (@guest_503383)
1 year ago
Reply to  john melling

After the Second World War, Britain retained vast stocks of civilian equipment along with organisations, such as, AFS and WVS, which my mother was a member for years. The Cold War ensured that the country would be as prepared as possible with regular exercises, to maintain readiness. We need to have a similar establishment post-COVID -19, hence my question as to who will be responsible for ordering and maintaining supplies? Public confidence in the NHS will not diminish, however, a lack of adequate PPE and other support equipment, if there is another outbreak would be unforgivable. Maybe a non-government body… Read more »

dan (@guest_503438)
1 year ago

Crazy how so many people in public that don’t have Covid-19 are wearing masks. It does very little if anything to guard against getting a virus like this. Would also need to be wearing a face shield or some water tight goggles to protect oneself. Masks are only somewhat effect in spreading a virus when a person who has it coughs or sneezes. People and politicians need to stop watching the TV news and listening to the fear mongers on social media. Do a little research from reputable sources. It’s not that hard.