The US Army has awarded BAE Systems an $8 million contract to develop modernised precision-guidance kits.

BAE say that these kits enable munitions to make in-flight course corrections even in GPS-jammed environments. The trajectory corrections of BAE Systems precision-guidance kits improve the strike accuracy of the munitions say the defence giant:

“This precision strike capability also allows warfighters to accurately engage targets for longer periods of time with less ammunition and logistical sustainment.”

“We understand the critical importance of maintaining the accuracy of the Army’s long-range artillery against any adversary,” said Marc Casseres, director of Precision Guidance and Sensor Solutions at BAE Systems.

“Our kits will provide this capability for the current stock of 155-millimetre munitions and future munitions designed to provide significantly greater range. We were selected for this program because of our expertise in precision-guidance technology and our ability to achieve a high level of engineering and manufacturing maturity.”

The company’s precision-guidance kits are compatible with existing and experimental artillery munitions and propellants, as well as multiple firing platforms, including M777 lightweight towed howitzers and the M109 self-propelled howitzer family of vehicles.

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