BAE Systems has been awarded a contract from Lockheed Martin for the production and delivery of additional electronic warfare systems for Lot 15, Lot 16 long lead, sustainment spares and retrofit kits for the F-35.

Bae say the systems provides “advanced situational awareness and threat response capabilities that support critical missions in contested airspace”.

“Our goal is to deliver capabilities that provide warfighters with a distinct advantage on the battlefield,” said Deborah Norton, vice president of F-35 Solutions at BAE Systems.

“This contract underscores our partnership with Lockheed Martin and our collective commitment to deliver affordable, sustainable, and world-class electronic warfare systems to combat evolving threats.”

The contract follows BAE Systems’ production and delivery of more than 500 EW systems for the F-35 as a key system partner, matching Lockheed Martin’s airframe production. BAE Systems supports all stages of the product’s lifecycle, from development and production to sustainment.

According to a news release from the firm:

“BAE Systems is committed to delivering affordable EW systems to its customers with speed and agility. The company has strategically invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing, workforce development, and supply chain excellence to ensure that advanced systems are delivered to meet urgent customer needs. BAE Systems’ engineers have a deep understanding of the electronic warfare environment and the challenging conditions our customers face. The company continues to build on decades of experience designing, qualifying, delivering, and sustaining systems for the most advanced aircraft in the world to dominate the future EW battlespace.”

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1 year ago

Cue the ‘big bad mean BAE Systems’ comments.

Also, it’s BAE Systems, hasn’t been BAe for over 10 years. I know how you lot like accuracy.

1 year ago

Is this BAE in the US or UK?

Malcolm Rich
Malcolm Rich
1 year ago
Reply to  Lordtemplar

US operation