According to a press release from Boeing, the company has delivered the first CH-47F Block II Chinook to the U.S. Army.

This marks the beginning of a programme to upgrade up to 465 Chinooks to the new Block II configuration, enhancing the aircraft’s capabilities and survivability for global missions.

Heather McBryan, Vice President and Programme Manager of Cargo Programmes at Boeing, stated, “The CH-47F Block II provides capability improvements allowing the U.S. Army to lift more, fly farther and maintain their aircraft better than ever before. This modernisation programme enables the battle-tested Chinook to play a key role in multi-domain operations going forward.”

The CH-47F Block II features several enhancements, including an improved drivetrain, reinforced airframe, and enhanced fuel system. These upgrades allow for an additional 4,000 pounds of maximum gross weight and extend the mission radius for nearly all payloads. The design also accommodates future technology upgrades, ensuring the aircraft remains at the forefront of military aviation.

Viva Kelly, U.S. Army Cargo Helicopters Acting Project Manager, commented, “As the Army’s Heavy Lift platform of tomorrow, the CH-47F Block II provides increased capability while continuing support of the Army’s requirement to remain strategically responsive across the full spectrum of operations.”

The Block II programme also focuses on improving aircraft sustainment. The new rotor system’s enhanced reliability minimises unscheduled maintenance, and the simplified fuel system increases sustainment efficiency, reducing the maintenance burden and associated costs.

This delivery underscores Boeing’s commitment to supporting the U.S. Army’s modernisation efforts and ensuring the CH-47F Block II Chinook remains a vital asset in multi-domain operations.

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DB (@guest_831779)
2 days ago

Can we have some at enhanced mate’s rates, please?

Baker (@guest_831824)
2 days ago

If you ever see these amazing aircraft doing displays, you will never forget them for their agility and chuckability. They defy gravity and most of the accepted laws of physics. The great thing is, you can also feel them coming from at least 100 miles away. Dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub so on and so forth.

Steve (@guest_831900)
2 days ago
Reply to  Baker

The last part is probably not a positive in a war zone where the enemy has any form of air defence systems.

simon alexander
simon alexander (@guest_831961)
1 day ago
Reply to  Baker

yes the meaningful sound & vibration of blade slap.

DH (@guest_832402)
3 minutes ago

Hmm, F series, it’s still an old, complex aircraft.