Boeing’s Philadelphia team recently delivered the first MH-47G Block II Chinook to SOCOM on time.

“This delivery marks a major step for the Chinook program,” said Andy Builta, vice president and H-47 program manager.

“The new Chinook will give U.S. Special Operations Forces significantly more capability for extremely challenging missions and will enable them to conduct those missions on the future battlefield.”

The company is on contract for 23 more MH-47G Block II Chinooks, having signed a contract with SOCOM in July.

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Benjamin Rule

I hope SOCOM are very happy with it.

Would be good to know who SOCOM is without having to search Wikipedia!


Special operations Command


The Nightstalkers.


Have the police been informed?


South Orkney Committee Operating Minesweepers?


Have you never played computer games lol


USA rough men who do bad things to protect the sheeple


On a slight side note this is the variant that France is interested in, considering the line is hot and the US has reduced the number ordered this would be an opportunity for the French to slip an order in on the tail of this one.


This is also the version that the RAF will be getting.


The Americans are world leaders in developing proven designs and constantly updating. Think of aircraft such as the Chinook,the B52,the Hercules and the two great 1970’s vintage F15 and F16 fighters, all still going strong despite being half a Century plus since conception. Imagine Spitfires still operating in 1995! The only comparable British aircraft I can think of was the Shackelton developed from the Lancaster which also saw service in South Africa


Fairey III recon plane, so good in was in service 1917 to 1941 despite the rapid advances in aviation technology!


The Canberra which in much modified form was still operating with NASA in the past decade and was flying with the RAF in its designated role until 2006.


…which gave it lifespan of 60 odd years.

Always Right

Erm no they’re not Geoff. ” The only comparable British aircraft I can think of was the Shackelton developed from the Lancaster”

Oh and the Harrier, and the Tornado, and the Hawk, and even the damned Hunter… what an idiot. The B-52 is a relic and useless in any 21st full-scale war,