Royal Air Force (RAF) and German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets conducted a joint mission to intercept three Russian aircraft flying over the Gulf of Finland and Baltic Sea.

The RAF’s IX (B) Squadron and the German Air Force’s 71 ‘Richtofen’ Wing were deployed to visually identify several unidentified aircraft near NATO airspace.

The two forces are currently collaborating as part of Operation Azotize to safeguard the eastern border of NATO. Among the intercepted aircraft was a Russian Air Force IL-20 Coot-A intelligence aircraft, which was en route from mainland Russia to the Kaliningrad enclave.

Two Russian SU-27 Flanker-B fighter jets based in Kaliningrad escorted the Coot-A south through the northwestern area of the Estonian flight information region. The IL-20 Coot-A, a signals intelligence variant of the IL-20 aircraft, was operating safely and professionally, say the RAF here.

The RAF and German Typhoons escorted the Coot-A and Flanker-Bs through the Estonian flight information region before transferring responsibility to Saab Gripen fighters from the Swedish Air Force.

The RAF and German Air Force have been working together since the beginning of March, operating Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets out of Amari Air Base in Estonia as a combined force. This recent mission marks the fifth joint intercept between the nations, as they continue to support NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission through Operation Azotize.

You can read more about this here.

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Frank62 (@guest_719270)
1 year ago

Great for the RAF & the flying circus to be operating together on the same side as NATO allies.