A Royal Air Force C-17 carrying cold storage containers departed RAF Brize Norton and arrived in Beirut last Saturday.

The Royal Air Force say on their website that the cold storage containers, which can be used to store medical supplies, have been provided to the Lebanese Armed Forces who are facilitating the disaster relief response.

Group Captain Emily Flynn was quoted as saying:

“RAF Brize Norton operates 24/7, providing support where it is needed and when called upon to do so. Today, we are providing aircraft to support to the Foreign Office and the Lebanese Government in a time of crisis.  It is a great example of the RAF’s ability to deploy rapidly in support of the UK Government and our allies across the world.”

The RAF also say on their website:

“This most recent assistance follows on from the survey of the damage to Beirut port conducted by HMS Enterprise. Assessing the damage to the port will act as a major step forward in helping to re-establish the strategic shipping hub, with the majority of the country’s imports coming through the port it is vital that it returns to normal operations as soon as possible.

Earlier this week soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment, who had deployed from Cyprus onboard HMS Enterprise, delivered and assisted in the construction of a field kitchen and accommodation tents. The tents will service 500 personnel of the Lebanese Armed Forces who are involved in providing assistance in the aftermath of the devastation.”

The Ministry of Defence say that advisors deployed to Beirut  are continuing to work alongside the Lebanese Armed Forces to assess further assistance the UK Armed Forces can provide.

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David Barry

I made beds, badly, for officers but now we have to put up tents for (a) LAF?

Stay safe lads.


Hope the terrorists, I mean Hezbollah don’t get their hands on these…..


It must be so rewarding to live in your simplistic black and white world of Marvel Comics and apple pie!

Trevor W Hogg

Yes Dan just imagine the destruction Hezbollah could cause if they get their hands on a Field Kitchen and Accommodation tents. Weapons of mass destruction.


Making friends and influencing people, great to see.

Peter Crisp

This also has to be pretty rewarding for the troops when they see people being helped by their hard work.


These aircraft are the best investment we ever made, awesome for both military and civil support, wish we had more.