HMS Richmond’s crew has repaired a school in India while deployed in the region.

Crew from the vessel spent time while their ship visited the Indian state of Goa to lend a helping hand at the Mango Tree Trust school.

HMS Richmond is a Duke class Type 23 frigate, originally designed for anti-submarine warfare in the North Atlantic, the Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigates have proven their versatility in warfighting, peace-keeping and maritime security operations around the globe.

The school earlier this year saw the crew of survey ship HMS Enterprise repair some of the basic services such as water and electricity supplies.

The crew restored school desks, fixed electrical wiring and cut down trees in the garden.

HMS Richmond’s doctor, Surgeon Lieutenant Rob Arrwoodward, said:

“The ship’s company have a diverse skill range – everyone has brought something different to the table. I’m just glad we could help.”

The vessel is near the end of a nine-month deployment to the Gulf and Indian Ocean region to protect the sea lanes and tackle illegal activity. HMS Richmond will be home shortly before Christmas.

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Lee James
Lee James (@guest_333341)
5 years ago

I find it strange that a nation with a bigger navy than ours needs a British war canoe to re-build a school. How people priorities change…

Dave Stone
Dave Stone (@guest_333354)
5 years ago
Reply to  Lee James

Probably insisted on doing it, the same way we insist on paying millions in aid they say they don’t need

Jason Bartlett
Jason Bartlett (@guest_333357)
5 years ago

I find it strange that a nation that can afford such rapid military expansion and a space programme needs help looking after its people, but then again seeing as how through british charity they get it done for them why would they

Franig Cuttlepuppy
Franig Cuttlepuppy (@guest_333358)
5 years ago

Pointless gesture politics.

John Cruickshank
John Cruickshank (@guest_333384)
5 years ago

Also to mention that the Indian Air Force bought the Rafale and not our Typhoon

Max Baker
Max Baker (@guest_333596)
5 years ago

Love it how India used our aid money to fund their military !!!! Get stuffed India look after your people for once

UK Defence Journal
UK Defence Journal (@guest_333611)
5 years ago

The comments above have really disappointed me.

Lee James
Lee James (@guest_333612)
5 years ago

Come on!! Really?? So it’s right is it that at countries priorities are ass backwards?? That’s what I find disappointing!!!

UK Defence Journal
UK Defence Journal (@guest_333936)
5 years ago

What a pity.

Lee James
Lee James (@guest_333952)
5 years ago

What a pity, you don’t live in the real world..

UK Defence Journal
UK Defence Journal (@guest_334047)
5 years ago

Look at that, lashing out with personal insults because someone doesn’t agree. How witty.

Lee James
Lee James (@guest_334048)
5 years ago

Really. have a day off from your pedestal. If that’s is what you call an insult then it’s turned into a fact. No you don’t live in the real world…