Military personnel in the UK will receive an above inflation 2% pay rise this year, in “recognition of the vital work they do every day protecting the country” say the UK Government.

According to a news release, this new award will bring the total pay rise over the last 3 years to 7%, and increase starting salaries for an officer by £545; £634 for a Corporal and £400 for a newly trained soldier, sailor or air man or woman.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said:

“Our people do vital work every day to protect this country and I’m pleased armed forces personnel will receive a recommended 2% pay rise this year. Whether through serving abroad or supporting public services during the coronavirus pandemic at home, this pay increase is a recognition of their hard work and dedication.”

As a result, the basic pay for other ranks on completion of their initial training will now be £20,400 and the average salary for a Corporal will be £32,797.

According to a statement:

“Over the past 3 years, service personnel have received pay rises totalling 7% which has helped defence attract and retain the best people for the armed forces. The Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body’s recommendations on changes relating to allowances, recruitment and retention payments, bespoke pay arrangements, reservist bounties and food and accommodation charges have also been accepted and will be backdated to April, where applicable.”

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That’s not bad atall, and unexpected, let’s hope more defence surprises of the good kind in the near future and none of the bad kind that some are expecting!.

Steve R

Got my fingers crossed!

Mark B

The key thing is it acknowledges the military as on the front line.

A proper pay review would have been better but that would have taken time. It should follow that the military should be properly equipped. Where things will become difficult is the procurement, cost and speed of development of equipment. It is no secret that the Government want to revolutionise that whole area. It will be easier said than done but I will take my hat off to anyone ready to give it a go!


I’m sure I saw a headline two days ago saying £200 million to be spent on upgrading service personelle housing as well. What’s going on!


It’s not much is it? A poor junior rifleman – it amounts to not much more than a few hundred a year. Nevertheless, better than a kick in the teeth (which may still come via defence review.) Overall, I’m glad our public sector workers are getting something. I hope recruitment strengthens given the unemployment we expect to be confronted with.

Gavin Gordon

Just had a shock on Forces Network. Always love the name Rifles as it conjures up their daring exploits in the Napoleonic War, Sharpe novels, etc. Plus, we all know what a rifle is, don’t we – sort of fitted the job description to a tee. But, Oh no; I dare you to take a decko at the article and see what it defines in the 21st century. Sorry, I cannot personally risk another look – too much information; just don’t have the constitution to cope at my age.

Levi Goldsteinberg

Not much but its something. With how little the Government cares about defence, I was fully expecting the armed forces to be missed with the pay rises


A General Assistant working nights in the largest supermarket chain in the UK earns 21,500 for a 36.5 hour week a year and 18,000 a year on days .


Dont get to see much of the world though!

Steve R

Just angry Karens.

I really don’t miss working in retail. I’d rather spend the next 10 years in Afghanistan than work retail ever again!


I was just highlighting how little we value our services personnel.
A binman on average earns 20k/year and sees his family and friends when he wants .

I just think that they need to look at the lower ranks pay and maybe update it a bit so get a bit more than someone stacking shelves .


That’s their starting salary. You will rise through the ranks in the army a lot fast that a warehouse. Add in training with professional qualifications, accommodation. I’m pretty sure the army will pay uni tuition fees to. Overall its definitly a better carrier than going into any retail or client service job with no qualifications.

Robert Blay

Not a bad payrise, plus most will go up another increment level, so it will be more than 2% for most. Like most civil servant jobs, pay isn’t great when you start, but soon goes up, and a lot will achieve the rank of Corporal/Leading hand in under 4/5 years.


Wonder what weapon systems will have to be axed to pay for this?


The kicker will be the changes in allowances and food and accom. They will eat the pay rise. Dit on…Maggie gave the forces a pay rise in 81. I went from 125 quid a MONTH in my hand (yes a Month!) to something like 140 quid. They also increased food and accom and my cash in hand went down to 110 quid! In those days my first 2 lots of pay was literally in hand . 75 quid at 2 week intervals at Pay Parade, march up, salute, get bollocked for a hair cut by the Joss, paybook out, get… Read more »

Stevo H

It’s nice to see that our Government appreciates our Armed Forces, not many politicians like them really….it seems to me that they always think that the M.O.D is trying to con them or something but in my opinion, our military needs to be paid well, housed properly, equipped properly, supported well and funded properly by the Government and finally……loved and respected by everyone in our fantastic Country.


Mixed feeling.
A pay raise is always nice … but inevitably this will mean less manpower down the line. Wasn’t there a recent review (now on hold until 2021) to reduce troops down to 55k.
Give with one hand and take with the other.

Steve R

Great news! Hopefully this will be extra money provided rather than just out of the current budget.

Steve R

Hopefully this will be additional funding and not have to be taken from elsewhere in the defence budget!

John Clark

Good to see the “hard working” teaching profession get 2.5% in proud recognition of doing largely *sod all during the Covid crisis …

I take my hat off to them, a good old fashioned civil service profession that it’s almost impossible to be sacked from, no matter how unless, due to powerful rabidly left wing unions, who will fight their corner no matter what…

* Add your own expletive here……