Typhoons will deploy around the Asia Pacific region for joint exercises with allies, demonstrating the UK’s commitment to allies in the region.

The Strategic Defence and Security Review made clear the UK’s commitment to the Asia Pacific region, and to building relationships “to address global challenges”.

Following visits to Japan in January and Singapore in May, Mr Fallon confirmed that Typhoon jets will take part in the joint exercise Bersama Lima from Malaysia, which forms part of the UK’s commitment to the Five Power Defence Arrangements.

The Five Power Defence Arrangements are a series of defence relationships established by a series of multi-lateral agreements between the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore signed in 1971, whereby the five powers are to consult each other “immediately” in the event or threat of an armed attack on Malaysia or Singapore for the purpose of deciding what measures should be taken jointly or separately in response.

There is no specific commitment to intervene militarily.

The Five Powers Defence Arrangements do not refer to exclusive economic zones and the enforcement of a state’s EEZ rights is a matter for that state; a state may request the assistance of other states in so doing.

Exercise Bersama Lima is a Five Power Defence Arrangements exercise being held in the South China Sea, Malaysia and Singapore.

The aim of the exercise is to enhance interoperability and strengthen the professional relationships of FPDA nations by conducting maritime, land and air operations in a simulated multi-threat environment.


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Max Baker

If there is a confrontation how would the typhoon compare to the best of the Chinese…I think it’s the j20

Peter Vine

If I’m honest the J20 is an unknown quantity but is overrated. The Typhoon should be able to handle it.

Rhoel Velayo Fernandez

Be more concerned about the numbers involved.

Douglas Newell

Is the J20 even in production?

Henrique Attuch

Matheus Shiro mano, ta ficando sério

Matheus Shiro

Eh….. Tá tenso!!! Logo menas, habemus Guerra

Hasif Rosdi

teach em how to fly a jet lads!!


Are there any news about possible RAF participation of exercises in Japan that were mentioned as a possibility early in the year?

Steven K

It’s a typhoon and an RAF pilot who have combat experience against a J 20 aircraft with an inexperienced combat pilot.

Melvin Loh

Hmmm,will be cool to see em at Australian,NZ or other regional airshows!

James Sampong Pinero

look like a stealth, but really kinda fly a stealth fither…