The Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group sailed in formation with the Wasp Amphibious Ready Group and the Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer HMS Duncan.

HMS Duncan recently deployed from Portsmouth “to protect vital trade routes from attacks by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden”, say the Royal Navy.

The Type 45 destroyer is set to relieve sister ship HMS Diamond, which has been performing the same task since before Christmas and has successfully shot down nine drones and one missile launched by Houthis from the coast of Yemen at cargo ships.

Duncan is a like-for-like replacement for Diamond – armed with the same potent Sea Viper missile system and equipped with the same powerful radar systems able to detect faraway threats with immense accuracy.

The Royal Navy added that “200 men and women of HMS Duncan have worked tirelessly to ensure their ship is ready to deploy, successfully completing trials and training last week in preparation for an intensive spell on operations, which will see the ship work to ensure freedom of navigation, and make international waters safer and more secure for merchant vessels.” 

Commanding Officer, Commander Dan Lee, said in a Royal Navy news release:

“I am immensely proud of the work the ship’s company have done to ready HMS Duncan for this important deployment. HMS Duncan will be ready to deliver on operations around the clock as we join efforts to protect trade routes from Houthi attacks, continuing the excellent work of HMS Diamond and HMS Richmond in the region.”

American assault ship enters Mediterranean

The USS Wasp is sailing into he Mediterranean, having recently passed Gibraltar. The Wasp ARG, which includes the San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock ship USS New York (LPD 21) and the USS Oak Hill, along with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), is set to collaborate with allied and partner maritime forces in the region.

And going in the other direction is the Eisenhower. The aircraft carrier was leading America’s response to the Houthi attacks and is finally returning home from the Red Sea after a twice-extended tour. The supercarrier has been deployed for eight months, longer than any other US carrier over the last five years.

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RB (@guest_831581)
2 days ago

Bravo Zulu to the crew HMS Diamond – it will have been a 9 month deployment by the time they get back to Portsmouth. Very tough on the families of the married sailors, particularly as it was unexpected.

Mark B
Mark B (@guest_831606)
2 days ago
Reply to  RB

True. A job well done. Long may the RN protect the peace around the world.

Baker (@guest_831642)
2 days ago

Pretty normal occurrence to be fair. Has anyone seen the reports of issues with the Iver Huitfeldt frigates guns and missiles recently in the Red Sea area. it would make an interesting article on here. ?

Supportive Bloke
Supportive Bloke (@guest_831718)
1 day ago
Reply to  Baker

That was probably because the CMS interface modules were home-brew by Danish Navy?

Much as integration by Primes gets a bad rap on here it is very necessary if you want full performance to be gained and to go from the sensors to the effectors.

It also needs to be kept up to date as the EW/decoys/guns/missile/radar/CMS and other elements are updated.

As the modern battle space is all about fused data/intel/sensors and then intelligently using the effectors that you have at your disposal. That means a lot of things needs to work seamlessly.

Baker (@guest_831728)
1 day ago

Yes quite possibly but even the 76mm shells exploded just out of the barrel, they were a bit lucky to intercept their targets successfully so it seems. Hope T31 won’t follow suit.

AlexS (@guest_831896)
1 day ago
Reply to  Baker

The only report is the issues continue and Danish Navy is forced to command a NATO naval group from land.

geoff (@guest_831935)
1 day ago

Nice. The type 45s are awesome ships. A pity we never got the 12-even 8 would have done. In my head when I wake at 1am, I play mental games. One is what if we had gotten the 12-what would the names have been for the other 6. Here are mine-Drake, Defiant, Dreadnought, Dasher, Dido, Dart

Paul T
Paul T (@guest_832050)
18 hours ago
Reply to  geoff

As a reasonable counter to the ‘we should have had 12’,just think of the logistical nightmare of getting all of them through PIP and subsequent upgrades,it’s proving a massive challenge with the 6 we have.

geoff (@guest_832150)
7 hours ago
Reply to  Paul T

Indeed Paul.

Simon (@guest_832104)
15 hours ago
Reply to  geoff

I don’t think we were ever going to get 12 TBH, there were only 12 Type 42 due to there size. prior to that there were only 8 County’s

geoff (@guest_832149)
7 hours ago
Reply to  Simon

Good point Simon, but it’s one of the things that helps me cope when I can’t sleep 😂

Lee John fursman
Lee John fursman (@guest_832162)
4 hours ago
Reply to  geoff

You would probably be better off Counting sheep Geoff…. With the royal navy you finish too quickly unless you dream of times past….

geoff (@guest_832194)
26 seconds ago

Haha Lee. could never count sheep. Alacrity, Ark Royal, Antrim, Arrow, Ardent…..