A C-17 Globemaster III, attached to the U.S. Air Force 535th Airlift Squadron, delivered a payload to the Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine USS Henry M. Jackson in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands.

The U.S Navy say that this kind of underway replenishment is vital to “sustain the fleet anywhere/anytime”.

“This event was designed to test and evaluate the tactics, techniques, and procedures of U.S. Strategic Command’s expeditionary logistics and enhance the overall readiness of our strategic forces.”

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Devin M. Langer/Released.

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Daniele Mandelli

Has an RAF transport ever dropped to a deployed UK SSN? I do not recall? Maybe when the SSN comes up and breaks through the ice up in the arctic.

Daniele Mandelli



Same happened to a friend of mine also during the Falkland’s war. He didn’t own a TR7 so a different guy. He was a civilian sleeping quietly at home when two guys from the MoD knocked on his door at about 2:00am, told him that he needed to come with them, drove him to an airfield (not sure where) where he was given a survival suit, no training, flown out by helicopter into the Atlantic and told to jump! He is pretty convinced that had something gone wrong and he had been killed it would have been hushed up. I’m… Read more »


I’ve got a feeling it’s mentioned in 1of the falklands books but I can’t remember whose book and if it was a S, C or O boat it dropped too


Hi folks hope are all well.
Interesting yes was wondering the same Daniele. Can’t recall if the RAF have conducted the same procedure to ensur our subs are at sea longer if deployed on a mission. I’m confident the RAF would have such an activity practiced over the years.


I think the RAF did a drop of SAS/SBS onto a Cunard ship after a bomb scare back in the 80’s/90’s


Ops, just read the SBS post and seen it was in the 70s !!!!!

Daniele Mandelli

Yes, that was the SBS, then known as the Special Boat Squadron. It became the SB Service in 1987.


Did they paradrop Jack Ryan aboard? 😀😀😀