China’s first Type 075 LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) caught fire at the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai, according to local media.

The Type 075 is expected to be the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s newest and most powerful amphibious assault ship, China is planning three of them.

Image result for chinese helicopter carrier
How the vessel will look.

​The Type 075 is roughly analogous to the United States Marine Corps’ Wasp-class amphibious assault ships, capable of supporting an amphibious assault by thousands of troops. It also has a hangar for holding up to 28 helicopters that can land at six points on its deck.

The vessels will also be able to deploy landing craft and troops, plus house command and control operations.

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Meirion X

Well, well, Made in China I see!
They failed to cover up this incident!


It was due to sail in 1 day, will be interesting to see how much this delays it.


I can’t imagine there are many materials in a warship that can let it burn easily (explosives/fuel aside obviously). We will never get that info – but it would be interesting to get a rundown of the causes and extent of the burn.


Depends on what the build specs are. Post falklands the RN stopped using regular plastic PTFE and rubber coated cables and went for the considerably more expensive Low Fire Hazard cables that give off less smoke and fumes on all future builds. The RN found lots of stuff on warships that burnt in a fire and was a hazard to life following a hit. Post Falklands those lessons went into the far more austere T23. So most mess decks did away with laminates that shatter in an explosion and fly around like shrapnel. Vinyl Deck tiles where certified as non… Read more »


Interesting, and I have learnt. Thanks for the reply


Black smoke indicates a fuel rather than equipment fire.


Glorious Peoples Republic Government pleased to announce that the FIRE SUPPRESSION system test worked perfectly and as planned in this full scale trial. The Government congratulates the manufacturer and navy!

Peter Shaw

Some justice in the world finally…glad no one was hurt but also disappointed the ship didn’t burn to the ground.

David Barry

You mean burn to sea, surely 😉

If she was due to sail tomorrow how could this have happened?


No white smoke or steam which is interesting. Maybe they let it burn out if it was a single pallet or small item. Careless or disaffected crew?

Peter Shaw

I thought it was in dry dock when as it was still be worked on.


Sabotage again. I love Trump haha


Don’t give him ideas.


After it being Britain’s century up to WW2. After WW2 it looks to me as it being Asia’s Century, be it Japan, China, Koreas etc… Everything is affected by Asia. Corona Covid-19 being the latest.

David Flandry

How many fires did it catch?