A man accused of endangering RAF jets by shining a powerful torch at them has astonishingly told a jury flights could be “unbelievably loud”.

John Arthur Jones told Mold Crown Court “things got bad” with jets flying in and out of RAF Valley in 2007. Mr Jones, who owns properties in Bodfordd, said he wrote to the base commander in 2010 to raise concerns. He denies 13 charges of endangering aircraft between November 2013 and September 2014.

RAF Pilots also told a jury how they had to abandon landings at Mona airfield after being distracted by lights being shone at their planes. Mold Crown Court was told that pilots were carrying out vital checks in readiness for a safe landing and if any were missed because they were distracted or blinded then it could be dangerous.

The court was told that pilots were instructed not to fly directly over defendant John Arthur Jones property near the airfield on Anglesey to prevent antagonism.

Squadron Leader Paul Harrison, of RAF Valley’s 208 Squadron, told the trial that on November 28, 2013, an incident occurred during a night flying sortie with another pilot in a Hawk jet.

“It appears we were being illuminated by a powerful torch. It was following us and was on us for four to five seconds. It was pointed directly at us and remained on us.”

Flight Lieutenant Tom Saul told the jury that he was conducting a night time sortie with a student and he was in the rear seat of a Hawk when he noticed the wing starting to glow orange.

“It was a bright white light which was obviously following us.”


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Mover &Shaker

This absolute b*****d needs to get a grip. ‘Unbelievably loud’ ? Is he for real? RAF Valley has been there as an airfield since 1941. So basically he needs to poke off and move away. I bet he hasn’t been in that house since 1941!!

I’m sick of the armed forces having to pander to this nonsense. Tell them to get lost or we’ll drop a Paveway on their house!

Mark Bridges

If the guy doesn’t like jets, they don’t live near an airbase, airport etc… the guy is clearly a total idiot.

David Johnson

Fair enough, but then he is unbelievably thick.

Louis Bennett

What’s more important, noise pollution or national security ?

Andy Berry

He should be glad they weren’t typhoons or tornados!!

David Abbott

Working at BAE in Warton in the late 90s I was beside the runway when a pair of Hawks took off – impressive – closely followed by a Tornado – you could really feel that in your stomach – and I could feel the ground shake over half a mile away when the Typhoon took off !!!

Andy Berry

you used to be able to stand very close to the start of the shorter runway at Valley…that was absolutely fabulous as a boy! feeling the heat and waves of power whilst smelling that engine, as they got ready to take off – the sort of thing that stays with you!

Billy Foster

Wait till he cops an ear full from the F35B Lighting, apparently that is LOUD!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Thad Birchall

why buy a property near a active RAF base, this bloke is unbelievably stupid

Adrian Bennett

They need to come down on people like him hard

Andy Miller

National defence will always take priority .

Mike Doyle

Make them louder, I would be happy to hear it ??????

Chris Power

People are being really unkind, I’m sure he’s lived there since Mona opened in 1915 and he has a fair point.

Jack Braund

Probably not as loud as one slamming into a school because some twat blinded the pilot…

Damian Halpin

Almost as bad as the argument for a 3rd runway at Heathrow. hmm what was there first? And you decide to live there, but don’t like noise???????? IQ check required…..

Phu Saetia

wasn’t airbase born before the city today?

Adam Willsmore

FFS. what a cock should come down like a ton of bricks on him for endangering aircraft and those on board

Ady Perminas

Everyone’s got that one old miserable nosey neighbour that moans about everything! I guess even the RAF arnt exempt.

Adam Telford

So coz the plane is loud he endangers the pilot and Co,.they are there to protect us. Think he needs to be charged

Jon Fouler

Lock him up

Fred McCann

We had some fool buy three houses in the Ainsdale area of Southport, and each time he moved closer to RAF Woodvale, which is a little training/diversion field north of Liverpool. Then fill the local papers with complaints about the noise. The RAF fly around eight prop driven trainers for the ATC and University Air Squadrons, so very much a nine to five operation. Then it turned out, he was a partner in a building company, and RAF Woodvale is one of the last open spaces between Southport and Liverpool. If he could get it closed then get permission to… Read more »


I don’t fly jets only gliders, but any distraction when on approach or landing is insanely dangerous. I’m sure some people think its no harder than driving a car, the mental workload is very high in a glider landing at 55 knots, cant imagine how much harder it is in a jet at approaching twice that speed !

Any one who interferes with the operation of an aircraft deserves a long prison sentence, it takes a fraction of a second to lose control and spin in killing pilot, passengers and anyone near the fireball !

Billy Foster

What was it the Yanks used to say?………….Jet noise, the sound of freedom!

Syrick Thomas

“What was that? I can’t hear you over my freedom.”

I think that’s the phrase you’re looking for.

Carl Taff Jones

Jet noise = the sound of freedom ?

Darren Summers

A very colourful past Mr. Jones has allegedly had…. https://paddyfrench1.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/the-case-of-the-corrupt-councillor/

David Southern

Military jets are loud …SHOCKER!