Scotland’s Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, was criticised by trade union members and the defence industry for suggesting that Britain’s new warships, Type 26 frigates, would be built in Scotland if the nationalist campaign for independence was successful, despite Ministry of Defence sources (you know, the people who order the ships!) insisting that will not happen. Shipbuilding union leaders told Ms Sturgeon to stop “using” them by claiming that British warships would continue to be built on the Clyde in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote as they know that not to be the case.

Ms Sturgeon was refuted by John Dolan, GMB convener at the Scotstoun yard in Glasgow, when she met with the unions following BAE Systems’ announcement that 1,775 shipbuilding jobs are to be lost across the UK in their three facilities. Mr Dolan was responding to Ms Sturgeon’s remarks this week when she said Portsmouth’s closure meant that the Clyde was now the “only” place to build the ships in the UK.

“She was saying that the Clyde is the only game in town. I’m afraid it is not, Portsmouth is still alive. It doesn’t close until next year some time. There’s shipbuilders in Cammell Laird in Liverpool. You have got the A&P Group on the Tyne, who are shipbuilders, and you have got Barrow in Furness. So to say if Scotland goes independent we will still be building Type 26 frigates… listen, I assure you that if we go for independence we will not be building. We have been told quite clearly by the UK government … personally, I have been told quite clearly that will not happen.” said Mr Dolan, who pointed out that there were several yards south of the Border where the frigates could be built.

UK Government ministers and the defence industry itself have already insisted that this work would go elsewhere if people in Scotland vote yes to independence next September, though Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has insisted Clyde shipyards could still build the UK contracts contrary to what the UK government themselves have actually said.

John Reid said that UK warships would not be built north of the border if Scotland left the UK and became a foreign country. Writing in the Scottish Sunday Express, he said: “The wider lesson from the last few days is that the only way to secure the future of Scotland’s shipyards is to remain in the UK. This is not a matter of political opinion, it is a matter of fact. It is a fact that since the Second World War no UK Government of any political stripe has ever commissioned the building of a warship in a foreign country. It is a fact that for security, as well as economic and political, reasons we build these ships here at home in the UK.”

He added: “In short, we don’t build warships abroad now — and what’s left of the UK wouldn’t do so if Scotland separated.”

Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael called on her to admit she is wrong on her assertion that an independent Scotland could still build UK warships. He said: “Nicola Sturgeon is looking pretty isolated on this. The best thing she could do is admit that she is wrong.”

“Is she really saying that everyone else is wrong and she is right? Is she telling us that the people who build the warships and the people who place the contracts know less about this than she does?” he added.

Additionally, the Defence Secretary and BAE Systems recently identifed Glasgow as the preferred site for the Type 26 contract. These orders will safeguard jobs on the Clyde for years to come. It is a fact that, as part of the UK, Scotland benefits from the sheer scale of the UK’s defence budget and ambitions. This not only provides Scotland with a level of security that it would be difficult to replicate in a separate Scotland, but it sustains thousands of highly skilled jobs throughout the country.

The Scottish National Party have no real understanding of the UK’s defence industry. In recent days, for example, Nicola Sturgeon has argued that a separate Scotland would still have access to big defence contracts from the rest of the UK, despite claims from the defence industry and UK government to the contrary.

Furthermore her assurance to the Scottish Parliament that contracts are currently being awarded to foreign countries such as South Korea and Australia, so they would be awarded to a separate Scotland just as easily also seems to highlight her ignorance of how the defence industry works. She forgot to mention that the tender for ships to South Korea was for what are essentially cargo ships, rather than the warships so expertly built on the Clyde and that Australia will be building their own ships if they ever do sign up to the Type 26 frigate programme.

In contrast to nationalist wishful thinking the Scottish electorate have heard from academics, the defence industry itself and trade unionists , people who deal in the facts of real life, people with years of experience in the industry. Their message is very simple, the sustainability of Scotland’s defence industry is inextricably tied up with Scotland remaining in the UK.

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George has a degree in Cyber Security from Glasgow Caledonian University and has a keen interest in naval and cyber security matters and has appeared on national radio and television to discuss current events. George is on Twitter at @geoallison
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Ben (@guest_4)
10 years ago

UK warships should be built I.

Ben (@guest_5)
10 years ago

UK warships should be built in the UK.

Neil Stewart Grant
Neil Stewart Grant (@guest_6)
10 years ago

It would be worth loosing these jobs,To get rid of Westminster gov,it would cost millions to set this up else where,and like thatcher they do not want large industries in England . Scotland could get other shipbuilding contracts of our own,remember you can not trust them they have lied to us since 100yrs, why change now.

Flydlbee (@guest_11255)
9 years ago

All politicians lie – especially N Sturgeon. There is absolutely no reason why England should use Scotland for building warships when England has adequate shipyards of its own. There is also the matter of pork-barreling – bribing voters with government contracts. This is why Gordon Brown arranged for the QE-class aircraft carriers are being built in six different shipyards, five of them in Labour strongholds. There would be no advantages in bribing Scottish voters, but every advantage in bribing English ones. The contracts will go where the votes are needed, which is the whole point of this article.

Alan (@guest_289394)
9 years ago

since 100yrs?


Neil Stewart Grant
Neil Stewart Grant (@guest_7)
10 years ago

If we get independence the Clyde could be the oil capital for the west coast of Scotland, plenty work then.

Ashley (@guest_8)
10 years ago

In the event of an independent Scotland all the equipment and skilled shipbuilders would move south of the border. Most of Scotland’s export is to the UK and the Westminster government have made it clear that all of these will go out to tender with the rest of the EU. Scotland will go back to the dark ages for at least 5 years as they look for new export customers. There is a real possibility that proper border controls will come into effect and all trade will be classed as proper export with the usual difficulties. Unfortunalty Westminster will be… Read more »

Scott (@guest_9)
10 years ago

You will be buying ships love not making them, especially when all the people who build these war ships go south of the border. Get the Romanian’s in to build them sure

Steven Richard-Davies
Steven Richard-Davies (@guest_10)
10 years ago

If the contracts for building the new Royal Navy ships are given to dockyards south of the border what ships will be built on the Clyde? The Clyde isn’t overflowing with orders is it?

Alan (@guest_11)
10 years ago

The yards will close

Paul delve
Paul delve (@guest_6562)
9 years ago

I personally do not really care if Scotland leaves the union..I have No beef with the Scots and have a few friends who are Scottish but work and live here in England!..Yet I do believe if they leave they Will lose the Warship building and there is No way we could build Warships in a Foreign land it is not workable!..As said there are plenty of English shipyards queing up for the work!…..Salmond and Sturgeon are completely Nuts!…I do not like any of the English politicians either except Ukip!..