Petards have announced that they will be launching ‘EyeCraft360’ at DSEI London in September 2019. 

EyeCraft360 is world’s first military grade 360 spherical view camera system which dramatically improves local situational awareness for armoured vehicles without risking the safety of the crew.

Defence experts from around the world will be among the first to try out the new product, which instantly gives complete coverage around any vehicle including directly above it and below, say the firm.

Developed in response to the growing need for improved close-range awareness, especially in the urban environment, eyeCraft360 provides a simple, rapid and cost effective capability boost for in-service armoured vehicles.

It also helps to reduce accidents and damage when manoeuvring.

“The system comprises a hull-mountable omnidirectional camera, a single rugged screen and an armoured cable to join them together. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, it is ready for use straight out of the box. Expensive and time-consuming integration is not required.  

It avoids the need for any mechanical moving parts by digitally stitching and stabilising its inputs to give a seamless full 360 view at all times.”

Scott Patterson, Defence Director at Petards said in a statement sent to the UK Defence Journal:

“We are very excited to be able to bring together our defence expertise and our camera know-how to create an innovative product which will make a real difference in keeping vehicle crews safe. The reaction from serving and veteran soldiers who have seen it so far has been incredibly positive.”

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Strangely, I thought most vehicles were capable of 360 exterior views? Those exposed bolts will worry ‘elf und safety’ and the rust is a nice touch!


I was just thinking the same thing about those exposed bolts as well.


They do Maurice but using multiple camera or many view ports. I suspect with this kit they will be able to have head tracking devices and helmet mounted displays giving much better situational awareness and faster targeting

Daniele Mandelli

Is Petards British?

I expect other countries will be selling this tech soon!

BV Buster

I’m sure this will work better if both the commander and dismounts are all looking in different directions at the same time, if its only the commander using it then how is it better then periscopes?

I’m not a fan of tablets on the battlefield, your hands get disgusting with grease, gun oil, cordite, beans ect. The screen would be ruined in days.

Anyone else attending DSEI in September?



Will Petards be hoisting their own devices? (Sorry, I saw “Petards” and I thought of Bill Shakespeare’s proverbial statement…) 😉