The first Tide class fast fleet tanker has now been floated. RFA Tidespring is shown here currently under construction in South Korea. These images are by Captain(E) Jim Collins and supplied by Captain Shaun.



  1. No British Yard tendered for the contract to build, only 1 European yard tendered for the contract and they were well over the top for price. I agree warships should be built in the UK but for what is at its most basic level a tanker with a flight deck and hanger why not use the company and the yard that has been building the best ships in the world for the past decade or more.

  2. No expertise building double hulled tankers in the uk. Trying to build this natively would result in a program massively over budget and late, then we would get a cut in type 26 orders.
    Totally the right desicion, the Koreans seem to be working remarkably well

  3. Completely agree this was a good decision. We should be looking to put more work this way, 3 x Fort and Argus replacement are needed. Important to get them for the lowest price, speediest delivery and good quality so BAE can concentrate in keeping T26 on time and on ( or even below) budget.


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