Construction of the 8,000-tonne HMS Glasgow, the first of eight Type 26 Frigates to be built on the Clyde, is progressing well say BAE Systems.

The firm said on Twitter that “every aspect of HMS Glasgow is digitally designed before we enter production. Here’s a digital overlay on the forward block to give you an idea how she will look. HMS Glasgow continues to take shape.” 

The forward block will be joined with the other half of the ship later this year.

The Royal Navy themselves recently said that it’s almost two years to the day that work on Glasgow began in the yard on the Clyde, with many of the completed sections pieced together in one of BAE’s assembly halls.

“Work began on this last section of ship as another £100m of contracts were placed with the vast supply chain needed to build the world’s most advanced submarine hunter. Firms in Glasgow, Hartlepool, Nottingham and Dorset will provide a range of services and assistance with the construction of the class, including painting, cabling and insulation – work all essential to the outfitting of the ships – and the eventual float off when a barge lowers the frigates in the Clyde.”

The eight ships will replace the eight dedicated anti-submarine Type 23 frigates which will reach the end of their active lives by the mid 2030s. In addition five Type 31 general purpose frigates are intended to replace the general-duty Type 23s currently in service and also coming towards the end of their long careers.

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Paul T

According to the UKDJ page at the time work started on HMS Glasgow in 2017,so three years not two, is this correct.?


I can only guess that the date of construction at the actual yard is different to the date referred to by UKDJ perhaps regarding some other starting point of the project be it in terms of the finalised design or first metal being cut perhaps. I guess a whole load of ‘starting points’ for a project of this nature could be alluded to depending upon stance. Or alternatively of course and being cynical it could be a total cock up in the relative timeline by someone or/and a massaged PR view of the matter that looks more favourably on the… Read more »

Meirion X

Ues, it was in July 2017 that the first metal was cut!


I have a bet with myself that China will have designed, developed and built a new class of frigates in the time it takes to get Glasgow operational.


Since much of the T26 design has been shown on various media, the Chinese will produce a copy and build three times as many at twice the speed.


For half the cost. And arm them properly.


And then the running gear, bearings, valves, motors , fans etc will all go tits up after 6 months and need replacing. The pipework will corrode and rot out and the welds on the hull will fail.

I speak from experience having worked on a number of Chinese built ships and they are a complete cluster. You get what you pay for especially if its built quickly.


Hi Gunbuster, China has the worlds largest and most efficient yards, they make most of the worlds large ships. Their warships are built in commercial yards. Everything is made in China, and if you find some crappy product in Tesco that was made in China … well guess what, that’s how Tesco ordered it. China is not cheap because of inferior materials or lower wages, it’s because they have full supply chains, educated workforce, integrated and supportive ecosystems and exquisite planning and management and they can operate at scale. “Made in China 2025“ is their plan to manufacture everything with… Read more »


Gunbuster, take a look at close up photos of J-20 to see Chinas manufacturing prowess.

Malcolm morgan

Yep can copy anything but let’s see after combat tour ho. How long it lasts we might be slower and dearer cannot comment munition they carry bit in combat I know which ship I would prefer to be on and in the running leave the yellow peril in Dock.
However saying that they do a good job in doing viruses they better speak to put in and give him


That new stealth paint is amazing….world beating…it’s like you can see through the ship.

Sean Crowley

Yes your quite right by Jove though to be honest i am not sure on the Disruptive pattern .

Meirion X

There is No chance that this forward section will be completed by end of this year!