Major support work for the AH-64E Apache Guardian attack helicopter fleet will initially be carried out by US Government contractors it has been confirmed.

The AH-64E Guardian features improved digital connectivity, the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System, more powerful T700-GE-701D engines with upgraded face gear transmission to accommodate more power, capability to control unmanned aerial vehicle, full IFR capability and improved landing gear.

Lord Moonie asked in a written question to the Ministry of Defence:

“To ask Her Majesty’s Government where major support work for the AH-64E helicopters will be carried out; and in what currency the contracts will be denominated.”

Earl Howe, Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence and Deputy Leader of the House of Lords answered:

“An initial two-year support package for the AH-64E helicopter will be provided by the US Government as part of the foreign military sales agreement through which the helicopters will be supplied. This will be denominated in US dollars.

The invitation to negotiate for long-term training and support, beyond the initial package, was issued to Boeing Defence UK in December 2017. We do not expect to place the contract until 2020 and a decision on the currency denomination will form part of the negotiation process.

No decision has yet been made on the location of the support work.”

The updated Longbow radar has an oversea capacity, potentially enabling naval strikes. The E model is fit for maritime operations, much like the British variant being replaced.


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Amazing piece of kit – one of the best we have and in my opinion we should have 200 of these – especially at the price point being offered (£20m each is a bargain). We dont have to get them all at once and I am sure we could pay over 10 years to help smooth the financing out. This is one of the few assets we have that have been over used – surely a testimony to how good it is, if I had to make a choice between tanks and apache I would go for apache as it… Read more »


With you all the way on this one Pacman

Tim sinnett

Agreed, these are the best way for us to support euro in any large scale land attacks. 20 million a pop sounds astonishing value. Steady drum beat of 20 a year for the next ten would be a cheap but major increase in capability.
How many are we getting? Probably no where near enough

Daniele Mandelli

A mere 38 possibly increasing to 50.

Desperate stuff.

I echo other posters agreement with Pacman.

Geoffrey Roach

……and me.

David steeper


Peter Crisp

If we can get the rest of the maintenance work in the UK for the lifetime of the aircraft that will be fine as that will be plenty as these are going to be in service for quite a long time. We can also get valuable servicing experience in the US that will hopefully help save some money and prolong that service time.


Whats happening with the proposed Boscombe Down Boeing Facility, is this still on the cards?