The US State Department has approved the sale of CH-47D helicopters to Greece.

The Government of Greece requested the possible sale of five (5) CH-47D helicopters, seven (7) Common Missile Warning Systems (CMWS) (one (1) for each aircraft plus two (2) spares), and twelve (12) T55-GA-714A turbine engines (two (2) for each aircraft plus two (2) spares). Also included are mission equipment, communications and navigation equipment, ground support equipment, special tools and test equipment, spares, publications, Maintenance Work Order/Engineering Change Proposals (MWO/ECPs), technical support, and training, and other associated support equipment and services.

The aircraft and systems will be coming from US Army stocks.

According to the agency:

“This proposed sale will enhance the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by helping to improve the security of a NATO ally that has been, and continues to be, an important force for political stability and economic progress. Greece intends to use these defense articles and services to modernize its armed forces by increasing its rotary-wing transport capability.”

The estimated cost is $80 million.

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