HMS Argyll will be working with the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) until late September 2018, including time supporting both Combined Taskforce 152 (CTF152) in the Arabian Gulf and Combined Task Force 150 (CTF150) in the wider area of operations.

The Royal Navy say that the ship will contribute to counter terrorism, including tough counter narcotics operations to disrupt the funding of terrorist organisations, as required throughout the period as well as strengthening ties with regional partners and allies through port visits and exercises with other nations.

HMS Argyll is the first of its class to be equipped with the latest anti-missile technology, the Sea Ceptor missile system and also carries the new Wildcat HMA2 Maritime Attack helicopter.

Cdr Shaughnessy said in a press release:

“I am determined to contribute to regional stability, through co-operation with partners and allies, and in particular tackle criminal activity on the high seas.

I have complete faith in my Ship’s Company to act without hesitation if the call comes.”

The Royal Navy say:

“Trained and equipped for a wide range of missions in the vanguard of maritime operations, HMS Argyll is ready for any contingency that may occur. She has a Ship’s Company of 225, including a contingent of Royal Marines.”

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Rob Collinson
Rob Collinson
3 years ago


Paul T
Paul T
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob Collinson

There is now-albeit an old one !.